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Fanboy Comics’ SDCC 2015 Coverage

The Fanboy Comics staff was very excited to attend San Diego Comic-Con 2015 this year, in order to bring you the latest in geek news from TV, film, comics, video games, and more! Throughout the week, we collected the coolest interviews, commentaries, screening details, panel recaps, and photos directly from the convention floor for your enjoyment and edification.  Weren’t able to attend the con or to catch all of Fanboy Comics’ SDCC posts? Not to worry!  ALL of Fanboy Comics’ SDCC 2015 coverage is now available and collected below for your scrolling ease.

Fanboy Comics’ Convention Coverage

 – SDCC 2015: Behind the Music – SyFy Thrills and Chills Panel Coverage by Barbra Dillon

 – SDCC 2015: Nerd HQ – Nathan Fillion Panel Coverage (‘Con Man,’ ‘Firefly,’ ‘Castle,’ and a Good Amount of Vegemite)

 – SDCC 2015: Nerd HQ – Joss Whedon Panel Coverage (‘Age of Ultron,’ ‘Buffy,’ ‘Much Ado,’ and More)

 – SDCC 2015: Aron Steinke Brings ‘The Zoo Box’ and Other Stories to an All-Ages Audience

 – SDCC 2015: Yehudi Mercado on Playmation, ‘Rocket Salvage,’ and the Joys of Being a ‘Writist’

 – SDCC 2015: Matt Hawkins Talks Top Cow, ‘Symmetry,’ New Projects, and More

 – SDCC 2015: Mel Caylo and BOOM! Studios Continue to Push #ComicsForward

 – SDCC 2015: ComiXology’s David Steinberger on Bringing Delcourt Titles to the U.S.

 – SDCC 2015: Delcourt Group Founder Guy Delcourt on the Historic Publishing Deal with ComiXology

 – SDCC 2015: Gene Luen Yang on Superman, ‘Secret Coders,’ and More

 – SDCC 2015: Fanboy Comics Talks ‘Buffy,’ ‘Daredevil,’ and More with Christos Gage

 – SDCC 2015: Nerd HQ – ‘Sherlock’ Panel Coverage

 – SDCC 2015: Bobak Ferdowsi Talks NASA, ‘The Martian,’ and More with Fanboy Comics

 – SDCC 2015: ‘Nobility’ Creator E.J. De la Pena Reveals Where YOU Can See the First Episode

 – SDCC 2015: Tamara Taylor Talks Wonder Woman, ‘Gods and Monsters,’ ‘Serenity,’ and More

 – SDCC 2015: Alan Burnett Brings ‘Gods and Monsters’ to the ‘Justice League

 – SDCC 2015: Paget Brewster on Bringing a New Lois Lane to Life in ‘Justice League: Gods and Monsters’

 – SDCC 2015: C. Thomas Howell on ‘Justice League: Gods and Monsters,’ Alternate Universes, and More

 – SDCC 2015: Bruce Timm on ‘Justice League: Gods and Monsters’

 – SDCC 2015: Roger Craig Smith Returns as the Caped Crusader in ‘Monster Mayhem’

 – SDCC 2015: Troy Baker Is Batman . . . and The Joker!

 – SDCC 2015: Yuri Lowenthal on Portraying Red Robin (Not the Fast Food Chain)

 – SDCC 2015: Will Friedle Brings Nightwing to ‘Batman Unlimited: Monster Mayhem’

 – SDCC 2015: Dave B. Mitchell on Bringing Clayface to Life in ‘Monster Mayhem’

 – SDCC 2015: Writer Heath Corson ‘Delivers the Virus’ in ‘Batman Unlimited: Monster Mayhem’

 – SDCC 2015: Writer Jim Krieg and Producer Brandon Vietti on ‘LEGO Justice League’

 – SDCC 2015: John Dimaggio on Playing The Joker, Batman, and More
 – SDCC 2015: Nerd HQ – ‘Con Man’ Panel Coverage

Stay tuned for more of Fanboy Comics’ coverage!

Barbra Dillon, Fanbase Press Editor-in-Chief




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