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Move Over, Sherlock! Image Comics to Release ‘Moriarty: End Game’

Several years ago, Image Comics set the trend by releasing a comic book series featuring long-time Sherlock Holmes villain, Moriarty, as the leading man in writer Daniel Corey’s Moriarty.  Spanning nine issues (and later collected in a hardcover edition), the series was a big hit, and Image and Corey haven’t stopped there.  On Wednesday, February 4, Image will release Moriarty: End Game as a standalone, 99-cent digital comic download, available through, ComiXology, iBooks, and Google Play.  The new short story will be produced by the original Moriarty team, Daniel Corey (writer), Anthony Diecidue (artist), and Dave Lanphear (letters).

For more information on the upcoming release, be sure to read the full press release below and visit and


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MORIARTY is a book that should be mentioned in the same breath as THE WALKING DEADCHEW and HACK/SLASH when it comes to the best comics coming out of Image.” – Horror Haven Reviews

This February, Image Comics is proud to announce the digital release of MORIARTY: ENDGAME, the new short story by original MORIARTY team Daniel Corey (writer), Anthony Diecidue (artist), and Dave Lanphear (letters).

Originally published as a bonus story in Image Comics’ RED CITY Vol. IMORIARTY: ENDGAME will be released as a standalone, 99-cent download this February 4th.

“The team and I are very excited to bring a new MORIARTY adventure to our audience,” writer Corey said.  “We broke new ground when Image Comics allowed us to do the first-ever comic story that featured Professor Moriarty as a leading man, and with MORIARTY: ENDGAME, we’re taking the Professor to yet another new place.”

MORIARTY: ENDGAME plays with the idea that the myth of Holmes and his nemesis is eternal, and transplants their conflict into a tech-laden, post-apocalyptic future.  With the world as their playground, the never-ending conflict between detective and villain will finally come to a moment of reckoning.

Praise for MORIARTY:

“To me, the book is what I imagine Kubrick’s take on Holmes lore might be…” – The Daily BLAM!

“Daniel Corey not only gives us a fresh and fascinating take on one of the most legendary villains in literary history, but he does it with such skill that you’ll find yourself rooting for the ‘bad guy.’  An absolute ‘must read!’” – Jenna Busch (Founder and Editor-in Chief, Legion of Leia)

“MORIARTY is such a brilliant mix of villain and hero living in the same character’s heart.  A fresh, sympathetic, witty, action-packed exploration of a literary figure who lived in the shadows…until now.” – Doug Jones (Star of HELLBOY, PAN’S LABYRINTH, F4: RISE OF THE SILVER SURFER)

MORIARTY: ENDGAME, a 15-page digital comic, will be on sale at ImageComics.comComiXology, iBooks, and Google Play for $.99 on February 4th.  For more information, please visit and


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