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BOOM! Studios Releases an Exclusive Advance Preview of ‘Bravest Warriors #27’

Comic book publisher BOOM! Studios will soon be releasing Bravest Warriors #27 on Wednesday, December 10th, written by Kate Leth, illustrated by Ian McGinty, and with cover art by McGinty, Renee Britton, and Steven Wells. The publisher has been very generous to the Fanboy Comics staff, as we are now able to share an exclusive advance preview of Issue #27!

Synopsis: Defending a planet from giant monsters might be more than the Bravest Warriors can handle, even with Catbug and Impossibear on their side. The team will need the help of an all-new ally and even newer tech to bring the beasts down in one of their most action-packed adventures yet.

We hope that you will enjoy the below preview, and please be sure to stop by your local comic book shop on Wednesday to purchase your copy of Bravest Warriors #27!

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BravestWarriors27 coverB b8f
BravestWarriors27 coverC 859
BravestWarriors27 PRESS 4 743
BravestWarriors27 PRESS 5 495
BravestWarriors27 PRESS 6 0ef
BravestWarriors27 PRESS 7 339
BravestWarriors27 PRESS 8 b1c
BravestWarriors27 PRESS 9 8ca

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