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OSSM Comics Releases an Advance Preview of ‘Separators #1’

On Wednesday, November 26, 2014, comic book publisher OSSM Comics will be releasing the first issue of Separators, a new series that will pick up following the events of their previously released Xenoglyphs trade paperback, and with the same creative team of writer Omar Spahi and artist/colorist Peejay Catacutan. The publisher has been very generous to the Fanboy Comics staff, as we are now able to share an advance preview of the Issue #1!

Synopsis: Separators begins after the conclusion of Xenoglyphs, with Steve and Dom forced to pursue a new strategy in their battle against Anubus, recruiting new fighters like Jennifer to their cause. With the secrets of the stones finally revealed, discovering which people in history had control of them and how they used them to keep the world “safe,” the true dangers of possessing a Xenoglyph takes its toll on the team. In the new chapter of the Xenoglyphs saga, a Separator will fall and a new enemy will rise.

We hope that you will enjoy the below preview, and please be sure to stop by your local comic book shop on Wednesday to purchase your copy of Separators #1!

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Separators1Variant bc9
Separators1Indicia 8dd
Separators1 Page1 50e
Separators 2 3 Spread 4f6
Separators 4 5Spread 58e

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