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BREAKING NEWS: Fanboy Comics Welcomes New Staff Members!

fanboycomics logotext 2b2Dear Fanboy Comics Readers:

On behalf of Fanboy Comics, I am both excited and proud to announce the addition of three new staff members to the FBC fold.  Joining the staff will be Rebecca Lear, Ben Rhodes, and Drew Siragusa, all of whom have provided countless hours of their services and support to make Fanboy Comics as geeky as it is.

Rebecca Lear will be Fanboy Comics’ Staff Photographer, lending her keen eye and steady hand when still photography is needed.  Fans may already be familiar with her handiwork, as she was the photographer for Fanboy Comics’ coverage of the 2011 Saturn Awards, San Diego Comic-Con 2011, and the soon-to-be-released promotional photos for The Scoobies and the Newbie podcast.  The FBC staff will be forever grateful to Rebecca for introducing them to The Hunger Games series by Suzanne Collins.  Rebecca’s most valued contributions to the company will be her work as Fanboy Comics’ Senior Mockingjay Wrangler.

Also joining the staff will be the incomparable Ben Rhodes, who will be working as a Senior Contributor all the way from Virginia.  Ben has been an active supporter of Fanboy Comics since its inception, with contributions including annual staff support at San Diego Comic-Con, weekly video game reviews, and the constant struggle to keep younger brother and FBC Creative Director Sam Rhodes in line.  Most notably, Ben was the writer of the short story that would become Something Animal, Fanboy Comics’ first graphic novel coming this fall.  When he is not writing, Ben commands the eternally important post of Laser High-Five Coordinator, in honor of Axe Cop.

Last, but certainly not least, Drew Siragusa will be joining the Fanboy Comics staff as a Senior Contributor.  Fans of The Fanboy Scoop – Week in Review podcast will be quite familiar with Drew’s voice, as he is a weekly host on the show.  Drew is a wealth of knowledge of all things geek, with specialties including Dr. Who, Spider-Man, Superman, and Green Day.  He has provided numerous reviews to the FBC website, ranging from music to television, and he continues to introduce the other staff members to new and amazing comic book series on a weekly basis.  In addition to his podcast and review duties, Drew will be occupying the role of Head of TARDIS Maintenance & Repair.

Please join me in welcoming these amazing individuals to the Fanboy Comics staff!  

Barbra J. Dillon
Managing Editor, Co-Founder, & Director of Jedi Recruitment


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