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Join OSSM Comics for #MonomythMonday!

The great folks at OSSM Comics are promoting their upcoming title, Monomyth, by deeming today #MonomythMonday, and they have some fun and interactive ways for readers to contact their local comic shops to pre-order the comic book as the characters depicted in the story.  

Announced on Bleeding Cool in December and again on Nerdist last month, Monomyth is certainly a difficult book to ignore. With beautiful art by Eric Ninaltowski, lush colors by Peejay Catacutan, and a well-crafted script by Siike Donnelly, the new title by OSSM Comics will hit store shelves on July 23, 2014, but only if stores pre-order the book.

As Fanboy Comics is a vocal advocate for pre-ordering books, we want to join OSSM Comics in encouraging readers to contact their local comic book shops to pre-order the book.  By tweeting to your shop as #TeamMichael and/or #TeamLucifer, you can support independent creators.

Help #Monomyth take flight today!

Readers may also follow the team on Twitter and “Like” OSSM Comics on Facebook to get involved:


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Barbra Dillon, Fanbase Press Editor-in-Chief




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