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Indie Comics Can Have Action Figures, Too!

Fanboy Comics is very excited to have artist Sarah Braly joining its table at WonderCon Anaheim 2014!  Braly is the amazingly talented artist behind Penguins vs. Possumshand-sculpted figurines, which will be on display and available for sale at the convention this weekend.

For full details on the figurines and Braly’s work, please see her official press release below.



Indie Comics Can Have Action Figures Too

Anaheim, Ca., April 18 – Why should the big guys have all the fun? Isn’t the world of indie comics replete with characters yearning for 3D form? Brooklyn-based artist Sarah Braly has answered that question with a resounding YES, creating machine-gun toting penguins and warrior possums for the comic book Penguins vs. Possums. Sarah will be appearing alongside her creations, which will be for sale, at the Fanboy Comics booth SP-061 at Wondercon, in the Anaheim Convention Center from April 18-20.
“I’m a completist,” Sarah says. “ I want to see the whole vision – comic book, action figure, packaging, the works. But that is rarely a reality in the indie comic scene. So I decided to do something about it.”
To this end, Sarah partnered with indie comic Penguins vs. Possums, which tells the story of the epic battle between penguins and possums throughout the ages, just beyond the gaze of humanity. Technologically advanced the penguins sport machine guns and jetcpacks, while the earthy possums utilize swords and battle-axes. 
Ranging from 6” full-body action figures to 3.5” busts, each Penguins vs. Possums figurine is hand sculpted in Super Sculpey, a plastic based clay, and painted with acrylic paint. The first run of figurines was launched at Long Beach Comic Con in 2013, to great success.
Now Sarah is coming to Wondercon 2014 with even more one of a kind figurines, each with their own hand-made packaging! Con goers will be able to select from a large array of gun-toting penguins, armor-clad axe-slinging possums, and a limited selection of PvP customized Munnys. The figures will be available at the Fanboy Comic booth SP-061 from April 18-20, and Sarah will be at the booth for select times during the con.
Expanding beyond Penguins vs Possums, Sarah has begun work with the comic book Bigfoot – Sword of the Earthman. The first display figurine of Korovan Muspin will be at their Small Press booth.
Please join Sarah at Wondercon April 18-20 and visit for specific time schedules. To get a look at some of the figurines that will be available at Wondercon please visit A limited number of figurines are available at throughout the year.



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