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‘One Hit Die’ Launches Its Festival Campaign

What would you get if you took Lord of the Rings, mashed it with The Office, and added a healthy dose of Dungeons & Dragons?  Give up?  Why One Hit Die, of course!  Funded by the Alberta Foundation of the Arts, One Hit Die is a fantasy comedy series that launched its first four episodes online in August of 2013.  Created by Spencer Estabrooks and starring AMC’s Hell on Wheels’ Phil Burke, One Hit Die appeals to D&D lovers and non-gamers alike, as viewers follow a band of characters on their epic quest to battle goblins and other exciting adventures.  Much like the series’ main characters, the creative team behind the show has launched its own quest through the US and Canada to bring One Hit Die to webfest goers far and wide.

When the creative team began their journey in October of 2013, One Hit Die took home the awards for Best Fantasy Series and Best Web Series from the ATL WebFest in Atlanta, Georgia.  Since that time, the series has been accepted into LA WebFest, Hollyweb, and Vancouver Web Fest, with the cast and crew keeping their fingers crossed for d20s!

For more information on One Hit Die and to watch the first four episodes, be sure to visit the series’ official website.  In addition, the series may be found on Facebook and Twitter, @onehitdieseries.  For a sneak preview of One Hit Die, please check out the trailer below.

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One Hit Die Trailer by OneHitDie

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