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‘Tinker’ Continues with Kickstarter

Tinker, a new sci-fi fantasy webseries and high-flying Steampunk adventure, is returning to Kickstarter to fund its pilot episode.  Armed with a series of exciting, new incentives and behind-the-scenes extras, the producers of Tinkers are confident that audiences will want to learn about and llend their support to the series.

For full details on the new Kickstarter campaign and the webseries, please see Tinker‘s full press release below.



TINKER – The Steampunk Series Crowd Funding Campaign
Steampunk Partners Launch Kickstarter for Pilot

Los Angeles, CA – Tuesday, November 5, 2013 – TINKER the Steampunk Series continues its campaign of crowd funding on the popular crowd funding site, to benefit its pilot episode.

Releasing a flurry of behind-the-scenes content and updates, Steampunk Partners, the producers behind the forthcoming Steampunk series, TINKER, have compiled a new list of incentives designed to stimulate audience participation in the form of pledges as a part of their latest Kickstarter crowd funding effort. Visit:
for more details and to watch the video.

But what is TINKER? Simply put, TINKER is the answer to the question: What if the Future Came Early? If you’re looking for a more visual answer, think: Blade Runner meets Firefly meets Dr. Who, wrapped in an envelope of Victorian Era-inspired Futurism.

Set in an alternate history time line that picks up in the late nineteenth century, the world of the Tinkers is one of smog, acid rain, fog, steam, over-population, bland food, booming economic growth, scientific achievement and unbridled capitalism. The story follows the lives of the Tinkers, a father/daughter engineering duo, who have achieved a level of notoriety as inventors in their native San Francisco of the Northwest American territory. When a wealthy and eccentric expatriate, now residing in British controlled Hong Kong, named Lady Cushing engages their services to build a device from the incomplete plans left behind by her late father, also an inventor and gentleman explorer. From the moment the Tinkers accept Lady Cushing’s offer, they are thrust headlong into a world of intrigue, lies, deceit, greed and eminent danger in which the balance of worldly power rests unaware, alternately in both the calloused hands of Sho Tinker and the gloved hands of Lady Cushing.

TINKER features stylish Victorian era-inspired wardrobe, lavish sets (both practical and digital), custom props, unusual locations and just enough technology to make Jules Verne and H.G. Wells proud. The series, being developed jointly by Steampunk Partners and Containment Field, aims to expand the boundaries of Steampunk from an aesthetic, cosplay lifestyle to a true art form through the medium of a series but not one with the constraints of television. Instead, TINKER, like House of Cards (Netflix) will be offered over the Internet where anyone can watch at any time and where network-programming and scheduling consideration will not be an issue.

So, prepare yourselves for a high-flying Steampunk adventure in this all-new sci-fi/fantasy/adventure/drama!

Steampunk Partners will distribute the show initially over the Internet with all episodes being available at: as well as other Web-based outlets to be announced. Collections of episodes will be made available to collectors on Blu-Ray DVD from the TINKER online store.

Confirmed notable talent involved: DAVID R. HARDBERGER (VFX Director of Photography, VFX Camera Operator and/or Miniature Unit Director of Photography for such blockbusters as: The Lord of the Rings trilogy, Star Wars: Return of the Jedi, Blade Runner); MCCUNE DESIGN (models & miniatures for: U-571, Serenity, Iron Man 2, Cabin in the Woods); JOHNNIE SAIKO (SyFy Channel’s Monster Man); JULIENNE DAVIS (Stanley Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut); DEL ZAMORA (True Blood, Robocop); CANDACE KITA (Nip/Tuck, Masked Ryder); AL SNOW (WWF, WWE) KATARINA LEIGH WATERS (WWE, TNA); and CHANEL RYAN (BASEketball, Witches of Oz).

Barbra Dillon, Fanbase Press Editor-in-Chief




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