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Krypton Radio Crowdfunds ‘The Event Horizon’

Dear Fanboy Comics Readers:

For years, our friends at Krypton Radio have provided listeners with countless hours of sci-fi music, talk shows, and radio dramas on their online-only radio station.  The free services provided by Krypton Radio are endless, and the quality is nothing less than stellar.  Now, the individuals behind Krypton Radio need your help to continue their work, as they are launching their own Indiegogo campaign to raise money for The Event Horizon, a convention-style panel (minus the convention) of sci-fi’s best writers, musicians, artists, costumers, filmmakers, and other creatives.  Through the campaign, Krypton Radio aims to raise the necessary funds to travel to conventions across the continent, allowing its staffers to interview even more sci-fi greats.

For more information regarding Krypton Radio and The Event Horizon Indiegogo campaign, please see the station’s full press release below.





LOS ANGELES, CA – Can you hear it? Fandom is singing. And it’s singing through Krypton Radio.

Krypton Radio was founded in 2009 by movie industry veterans Gene Turnbow & Susan Fox along with a small group of friends who wanted a sci-fi radio station but couldn’t find one – so they made it themselves. Since then the internet-only station has grown from a small fan project into a full service radio station and fannish news site, and has marched to (and played) a different beat, one defined by the fans themselves.

“I find all of science fiction fandom inspiring”, says co-founder Gene Turnbow. “That’s why I wanted to do this. And it’s not just the music from a thousand favorite TV shows, games and movies, or what the fans write themselves, though that’s amazing. There is more creative energy in science fiction fandom than in any other social group on this entire planet. The station has a distinctive, unique voice now – and we use that to help bring worthwhile creative projects before the fans, and we help fans find the cool stuff they might not otherwise know about. We can connect with generations of people in ways others only dream of.”

Along with the music, talk shows and radio dramas, they have a flagship show called The Event Horizon. They describe it as a sci-fi convention panel show, but without the convention. Their guests are writers, musicians, artists, costumers, filmmakers and other creatives from all over the sci-fi world, both pro and fan.

Over thirty-episodes later, its popularity has spawned an IndieGogo campaign intended to bring its production crew to various conventions across North America so shows can be recorded live with special on-the-spot interviews that would never be otherwise possible.

The Event Horizon airs every Saturday night at 9PM Pacific, and has already featured a number of storied guests, such as actors Tim Russ (”Tuvok” from Star Trek:Voyager) & Bruce Boxleitner (”Capt. Sheridan” from Babylon 5, “Tron” from Tron, and science fiction novelist heavyweights David Gerrold & Jody Lynn Nye.

You can listen to Krypton Radio on iTunes under Radio -> Eclectic, on TuneIn, on the Krypton Radio page on or just straight from their their web site. They even have an Android app, and they’re the only sci-fi station in the world of any kind to have one.

The station’s log line is “Sci-Fi for your Wi-Fi.”

Visit the Krypton Radio web site, and look up their IndieGoGo campaign.  And tune in, while you’re at it.

About Krypton Radio

Krypton Radio is one of the few general science fiction oriented radio stations in the world.  It is presently heard in 83 countries around the world.  Listeners can find it on  iTunes, iTunes Radio and TuneIn, as well as from its own web site at  Founded in May of 2009, it is a wholly owned subsidiary of Krypton Media Group, a California Corporation.

About Gene Turnbow

Animator, musician, writer, programmer and illustrator, Gene has done everything from game programming and design to industrial robotics, from makeup FX and model making to restoration of national treasures of cinema for the New York Museum of Modern Art. With over 20 years in the motion picture and gaming industries, Gene is now working hard to make Krypton Radio the Next Big Thing.


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