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‘Skin Crawling Comics’ Teases a Taste of Its Terror


Rachel Pandich



JACKSONVILLE, FL – August 14, 2013 – As the Indiegogo campaign for Skin Crawling Comics forges on, the creators of the horror-themed comic book anthology have released a terrifying taste of the scary stories contained within the 180-page collection. 

“Hoard,” a short story written by Skin Crawling Comics editor Rachel Pandich (Womanthology: Heroic, Aspire) and illustrated by Ashley Lanni (Aspire), is now available to readers for free download.  The chilling tale shows the truly horrific side of hoarding, as the obsessive-compulsive disorder can sometimes consume you whole . . . literally!  “Hoard” is only one of the many spooky vignettes in the anthology, as the collection will offer tales of the grotesque and the macabre to give readers a unique taste of terror.

Running from July 25, 2013, through Friday, September 13, 2013, Skin Crawling Comics’ Indiegogo campaign aims to raise funds to publish the creator-owned project while celebrating scary storytelling and providing a platform for independent creators to showcase their abilities.

The initial goal for the Indiegogo campaign is to print 1,000 copies of the comic book anthology, while raising the necessary funds to fulfill all backer perks, which range from physical copies of the book and commissioned artwork to participation in a writers’ workshop and tickets to Halloween Horror Nights in Orlando, FL.  In addition, as this is a creator-owned project, editors Pandich and Gerald Rathkolb intend to provide Skin Crawling Comics’ creators with a modest page rate for their hard work.  Should the campaign exceed its $18,000 goal, stretch goals for interested backers will include a signed art print created exclusively for the project, as well as a limited hardcover edition of Skin Crawling Comics.  This is a fixed-funding campaign, so the creators of the anthology must raise at least $18,000 to ensure the project’s funding.

Skin Crawling Comics is currently slated to release in March of 2014. 

Readers may find Skin Crawling Comics on Indiegogo by visiting  For more information on the horror anthology, please follow the project on Facebook or Twitter, @SkinCrawlingCmx.



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