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New Feelings Time Releases ‘Racism Acting’ (A ‘Lone Ranger’/Imagine Dragons Parody)

Greetings, Fanboy Comics Readers!

The choice to cast Johnny Depp as Tonto in the new Lone Ranger flick has been controversial since its announcement, with many feeling that Depp’s portrayal of the Native American character was borderline racist. Attacking the issue with wit and humor, Los Angeles-based sketch comedy group New Feelings Time has just released their latest parody video, and it’s sure to deliver some laughs. Check it out below, Kemosabe.




Written by Daniel Cummings
Director: Alex Dean
Starring: Daniel Cummings and Alex Dean
A special thanks to Andrew Fernandez as Artistic Director!

You can check out more videos from New Feelings Time by subscribing to their YouTube channel or visiting them on Facebook.


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