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Are You Ready for ‘The Quest?’

The QuestDear Fanboy Comics Readers:

Do you find yourself constantly muttering, “You know nothing, Jon Snow,” when a friend says something foolish?  Do you refer to your Xbox as “my precious?”  If I said, “You remind me of the babe,” would you know what to say next?  Are you ready for the next Dagorhir event? If you answered “Yes!” to any of these questions, then you will not want to miss The Quest, an epic TV show that is searching for people just like you!

While details on The Quest are still being released, the groundbreaking TV competition will be broadcast on a major network and will take a handful of fantasy geeks on the adventure of a lifetime.  The show was created by an Executive Producer of The Lord of the Rings and the Emmy Award-winning creators of The Amazing Race, so it certainly has some talented creators behind it (who bring their own geek cred to the table). 

I had the pleasure of chatting with the casting team behind The Quest at WonderCon last month, and I can tell you that they had me extremely excited about what the show has in store for viewers.  Right now, the casting team is searching nationwide for fantasy fans of all kinds who are interested in taking an epic journey.  (Come on, Hobbit fans!  They’re looking for someone to share in an adventure that they’re arranging!  It can’t be difficult to find anyone, right?)

I will be sure to keep you posted as the production of The Quest progresses, but, for now, those who are interested in applying for the show should contact Kristin at  Be sure to let her know that Barbra at Fanboy Comics sent you, and she will be sure to give you the VIP treatment!  (What can I say – if I can help in making your epic-fantasy-adventure dreams come true, I am happy to help!)  Please make sure to send Kristin the following information:

Current Location
Current Photo
Your Hobby/Fascination
What makes you perfect for The Quest
*Mention Fanboy Comics for VIP Treatment!

Please stay posted to the Fanboy Comics website for more information on The Quest!


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