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Avoid Late Fees: Check Out ‘Books & S–t’


Books  S--tFrom time to time, Fanboy Comics will promote different projects that it does not directly produce or publish. (Although, we wish that we did!) As a sign of our support and approval, you can find these selections under the FBC Approved section of our website.  Please understand that, no matter how badly we would love to take credit, these works have been independently created and produced by the talented people attached to them. And, while we’re on the subject . . .

For the readers among you who just want to drink and the drinkers among you who just want to read, we present for your drunken literary enjoyment: Books & S–t, an unscripted audio podcast that merges a love of literature with the familiar tone that seems to be lacking in conventional bookological discourse.

Books & S–t is a place where authors and other publishing professionals can relax, get drunk, and talk about what they’re reading. It isn’t about promoting books. It isn’t about selling copies. It’s about reading being fun,” says co-host Brian McGackin (Broetry: Poetry for Dudes).

The show is casual, funny, and boasts candid interviews with guests such as Gretchen McNeil (Possess, Ten), Quixotic Media’s Joe LeFavi (Founder and Ambassador of Awesome), and many more!  Guests discuss current events in the publishing industry—with a few alcohol-induced tangents thrown in—and play drinking games in which they must trust their destiny to the mercy of the gods by choosing activity cards from the FEDORA OF FATE™!

Books & S–t begins its first mini-season on Wednesday, August 29th, with a show that features special guest author Justin Robinson (Undead on Arrival) and focuses on NPR’s recent Top 100 Teen Books list. 

You can find out more about Books & S–t and subscribe to the podcast at Fans can also follow them on Twitter (@booksandshit). We will also include a link to the episode each week in our daily e-newsletter, The Fanboy Scoop!







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