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Fanbase Press’ Flagship Podcast, ‘The Fanbase Weekly,’ Returns for Season 7 with Incredible Guests from Every Avenue of Geekdom

Fanbase Press is proud to announce that its flagship podcast, The Fanbase Weekly, will return for its seventh season on Monday, January 31, 2022! The Fanbase Weekly team is eager to return for another stellar season filled with exciting, new special guests discussing the latest in geek news.

For the Season 7 podcast premiere, co-hosts Bryant Dillon (Fanbase Press President), Claire Thorne (Fanbase Press Contributor, creator of A Geek’s Guide to Cross-Stitch: Journeys in Space), Drew Siragusa (Fanbase Press Senior Contributor), and Barbra Dillon (Fanbase Press Editor-in-Chief) will be joined by special guests Rich Douek and Joe Mulvey, the creative team behind the over-the-top horror comedy comic book series, Happy Hill, published by ComixTribe.

Future podcast guests for Season 7 will include Eisner Award-winning comic book artist Janet K. Lee (Return of the Dapper Men), Ringo Award-nominated writer Jason Inman (Jupiter Jet), award-winning author Stephanie Cooke (Oh My Gods!), award-winning author Jennifer Brody (Star Wars: Stories of Jedi & Sith), clinical psychologist Dr. Suzana Flores (Untamed: The Psychology of Marvel’s Wolverine), and more!

In addition to the podcast’s standard episodes – those featuring the co-hosts and a special guest discussing the geeky and pop culture-focused news of the week – Season 7 will continue to feature over thirty Fanbase Feature episodes, including panel discussion retrospectives on such subjects as The Book of Boba Fett, the ’90s-era Robocop vs. the Terminator comic book series from Dark Horse, the 20th anniversary of Blade II, the 40th anniversaries of The Thing and Star Trek II: The Wrath of Kahn, and many more!

As a continuing feature of The Fanbase Weekly, we encourage listeners to get involved in the geeky conversation by calling into the official Fanbase Weekly phone line at 818-208-7379 and leaving us a message to share their thoughts on the subjects we discuss. Listener messages may be included in upcoming episodes of the podcast. In addition, be sure stay informed and join the conversation via The Fanbase Weekly‘s Facebook and Twitter pages, where curated geeky news stories are posted every weekday. The topics for each podcast are pulled directly from the Facebook feed, so be sure to let us know which stories are your favorites!

The Season 7 premiere of The Fanbase Weekly will be released on Monday, January 31, 2022, on the Fanbase Press website ( and through Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Libsyn.

Fanbase Press celebrates fandoms and creates new ones! As an award-winning comic book publisher and geek culture website, Fanbase Press produces new and distinctive works, as well as daily reviews, interviews, and podcasts, that span the pop culture spectrum and give voice to the themes, ideals, and people that make Geekdom so exceptional.

For more information on The Fanbase Weekly, please visit Fanbase Press may also be found on Facebook and Twitter (@Fanbase_Press).

Barbra Dillon, Fanbase Press Editor-in-Chief




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