The new Star Trek: Waypoint comic is an anthology series of short adventures from the various Star Trek worlds in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the franchise. Though the stories follow the characters we’ve come to know over the last half century, they’re designed to stand on their own. They don’t fit in with any specific sequence of events, and they’re probably not canon. In a lot of ways, Waypoint reminds me of the very first comic I reviewed for this site, Doctor Who Classics. It’s similar not only in structure, but in its style and tone.

“You know Morn, he never shuts up.”
    -- Quark

Morn, the saturnine barfly, has been part of the show from the very beginning. Originally, he was little more than a distinctive extra in full-body makeup. In fact, some of the early publicity stills prominently featured him, as though to send the message that DS9 would evolve past TNG’s over-reliance on slightly different forehead wrinkles, featuring many more innovative (and expensive) alien designs. While this ended up being inaccurate, Morn had been indelibly imprinted on the consciousness of fans.

I just finished Evoluzione’s Armor #1.  It’s not Marvel’s Armor about the (lame) mutant, but a whole new, galaxy-spanning adventure!  Actually, that sounds clichéd, and maybe it is a little… but the comic ain’t half bad.  Hell, it ain’t even a quarter bad – it’s pretty good.

The Ballad of Donna Troy.

It occurred to me in preparing to write this week's column that it may be misleading to call Donna Troy "Wonder Girl," as she hasn't been properly Wonder Girl in quite some time - at least a generation; however, Donna Troy was the original Wonder Girl and the one and only in many people's eyes. 

The following is an interview with Arianna Margulis and Dru Radovich, co-creators of the well-known Instagram account-turned-comic book series, But Like Maybe? from Bliss on Tap Publishing. In this interview, Fanbase Press Editor-in-Chief Barbra Dillon chats with Margulis and Radovich about the premise of their new series, the evolution of their story from social media to the sequential art medium, their process in working together, and more!

Have you ever been part of a conundrum that lasted waaaaaay tooooooo loooong!?  Well, I bet Marty McFly knows how you feel…

The year is 2844. Life is filled with uncertainty and war. Avalon, once ruled by Arthur McBride, has since collapsed into disrepair after the fall of his dictatorship. The struggle for control seems focused around one reporter’s quest to decipher the journal of Maia Reveron who happens to be closely related to the former tyrant.

Dark Horse Books presents a brilliant guide into the world of the newly released video game, ReCore. As seen in the launch trailer, The Art of ReCore hardcover (HC) edition is stunningly beautiful. It perfectly encapsulates the adventure following Joule Adams, lead character in this science fiction struggle for humanity’s survival.

The last we saw Conan, not only was he betrayed by the brother of one of his party members, but he came face to face with what appeared to be a troll. Most of Issue #3 deals with the immediate threat which is veiled in a mystery we may not figure out, but while Conan is away, chess pieces continue to shift at home.

In the months that have come since the release of Van Jensen and Pete Woods' Cryptocracy, one of the stranger books I've ever read has continued to get stranger and stranger. With the Nine's existence revealed and their influence on the world realized, the lives of both those who live outside the sphere of influence of the nine families and those who live within their ranks are at risk. This issues takes the Mars family to the Preserve, where the threats of Hum and the impending arrival of the mysterious Chronos have driven the families to war and divided the beings of the many factions that exist in this world. The reveal of their doings has also been falling on Bela, the host of a fringe conspiracy show that helped shine the light on the Cryptocracy. It's all leading to some massive shifts for Mars' Grahame and the entire tribe.

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