By Michael Fitzgerald Troy


When she's good, she's good. When she's bad, she's better. 2011 marks the 30th anniversary of the popular X-man, Rogue.

Not always on the side of the angels, Rogue burst on the scene as a member of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. But, I guess having Mystique as a mom, you gotta cut a girl a little slack. My first kiss was no picnic, but Rogue's mutant ability to absorb someone's persona through flesh contact happened to coincide with her first kiss. Unfortunately, putting her paramour, Cody, in a catatonic coma. I can't even get a guy to close his eyes for the love of Pete. And, you thought having "Aunt Flo" come to visit when you're wearing white jeans is embarrassing? Who the hell this side of Shaun Cassidy wears white jeans any way?

By Michael Fitzgerald Troy


With Twilight kicking in again (oh, the humanity!), it got me wondering... where are all the homos? Seriously, where my gurls at? Sure, most people are straight (Not that there's anything wrong with that.), but, if Taylor Lautner, R-Pats, and packs of sexy vampires were running around, I certainly wouldn't be trying to mount Kristen Stewart. (Not that there is anything wrong with that.) And, though I'm not a big fan of Twilight, a little Edward on Jacob might make me a Twi-hard.

Baby Bella

By Michael Fitzgerald Troy


Baby Bella? Am I referring to those delicious, low-cal, individually wax-wrapped cheese snacks? No, I'm referring to Kristen Stewart, whose character is knocked up in the latest installment of the Twilight saga.

I have to say I have nothing against Kristen Stewart. She has money flying out of her, but she's part of the most successful film franchise ever, and she has one of the hottest guys on the planet. Why should I be bitter?

Go Green!

By Michael Fitzgerald Troy


Ryan Reynolds' Green Lantern was a clue on Jeopardy tonight. Finally, a redeeming quality! In fairness, I know the one person that actually liked Green Lantern. I would never publicly call you out, Barbra J. Dillon; don't fret.  I do find it a little shameless that they are campaigning for an Oscar. I didn't realize there was a best buns category.

By Michael Fitzgerald Troy


Brian Azzarello and Cliff Chiang continue their thrilling run on the new Wonder Woman, as Issue #3 opens in the aftermath of Issue #2, as the Amazons torch their dead sisters and build paradise lost anew, as they have so many times in the past. Kinda makes you "wonder" how there is a neverending supply of the female warrior race without a single penis within a three-mile radius?

Fanboy Comics is proud to announce the upcoming release of Something Animal, its first graphic novel!  Something Animal is a dark, psychological thriller that pulls the vampire myth back into the shadows where it belongs.


In the following interviews, Something Animal writers Bryant Dillon and Sam Rhodes, artist Robert Burrows, and editor Barbra Dillon discuss their thoughts on Jack, the graphic novel's protagonist.

Something Animal will be available for purchase on December 7, 2011, on the Fanboy Comics website!




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By Michael Fitzgerald Troy


"There isn't a door in the world that beauty can't open," says the demented and mysterious Jessica Lange in one of my new favorite television series, American Horror Story on FX.

American Horror Story
is a new nighttime soap with some seriously twisted story lines. Taking place in Los Angeles, an unfaithful psychiatrist and his wife buy a new house in an attempt to salvage their failing marriage. (Um, good idea.)

By Michael Fitzgerald Troy


It's fitting that Pan Am centers around a hurricane this week, as the show seems to pick up speed. The first fifteen minutes read like a '70s disaster film, and I couldn't be more thrilled. It's exactly the white-knuckled, over-the-top excitement I was hoping for, as the crew is forced to make an emergency landing in a closed airport, because one of the passengers, who is making his first flight, is having a heart attack. And then? And then, it becomes Tropic Thunder-meets-Hotel Rwanda-meets The A-Team, as the crew is stranded and terrorized in Haiti.

By Michael Fitzgerald Troy


L-U-V Madonna! Y-O-U, you wanna? Yes! Yes, I do. Madonna's new song leaked on the Internet, and I couldn't be happier. First, let me say how funny I think it is that EVERYTHING leaks on the internet these days. Look at Lady Gaga; she queefs and it "accidentally" leaks within seconds.

Madonna's new song, "Give Me All Your Love," has leaked and I liked it. At first listen, I immediately dismissed it as a rip off of Katy Perry's "Peacock," as it has that same '80s Cheerleader anthem vibe. After 150 plays on my iPod, it has grown on me tremendously. It just so happens to be a killer cardio song. God knows it made my time on the elliptical machine fly by like a ray of light today.

The V3 Cosplay Syndicate is a cosplay-related organization that provides news and event coordination, all while acting as a goodwill ambassador to the cosplay community.     

At Comikaze Expo 2011, several V3 Cosplay Syndicate members (and a few V3 fans!) chatted with Fanboy Comics Managing Editor Barbra Dillon about the services they provided at the convention to fellow cosplayers, the purpose of the organization, and their amazing costumes!

This interview was conducted on Saturday, November 5, 2011.





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