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Sam and Dean’s Last Meal


Sam and Dean Winchester have a pretty tight schedule. Who of us would be able to juggle starting the apocalypse, dying, being resurrected, clawing hand and foot out of purgatory, and generally being the last line of defense between us and our worst nightmares? It would be enough to drive any of us to the drive-thru.

But, while pre-frozen foods in aluminum wrappers work on the fly, what Winchester would snub his favorite foods, homemade? Plus, we owe them. For a time, they took care of a thing we’d rather not get into just now.

“It was so much easier when I knew who the enemy was.”  -- Major Kira Nerys


DS9’s great strength has always been its sprawling cast.  While the other entries in the franchise largely confined their drama to the command staff of a starship with the occasional reoccurring player, DS9 built a rogue’s gallery of guest stars, many of whom were among the show’s strongest characters.  Of these, a single man stands atop all others and remains my favorite amongst any of the Trek shows.  That man?  Garak.  Plain, simple Garak.

The following is an interview with Dave Kellett and Frederick Schroeder, co-directors of Stripped, a film that brings together the world's best cartoonists to talk about the art form they love and what happens to it as newsprint fades away. The film includes interviews with Jim Davis (Garfield), Cathy Guisewite (Cathy), Jean Schulz (Peanuts), Mike and Jerry (Penny Arcade), Matt Inman (The Oatmeal), and 90 more of the world's best cartoonists. Exciting to add is that the film includes the first-ever recorded interview with Bill Watterson (Calvin and Hobbes).  In this interview, Fanboy Comics Managing Editor Barbra Dillon chats with Kellett and Schroeder about their love of comics and inspiration for the documentary, their reactions to Bill Watterson's special contributions to the film, and exciting news about the film's upcoming premiere in Los Angeles, CA.

This interview was conducted on March 13, 2014.

Do you like robots? How about Jet Packs? How about awesome stories about robots and jet packs?

If you answered yes to any and (Let's be honest here.) more likely all of those questions, then you cannot miss this interview with writer and illustrator Royden Lepp about his incredible graphic novel series, Rust. Give it a listen below.

“Good luck, Mr. Sisko.”-- Captain Jean-Luc Picard

I’ve loved Star Trek for as long as I can remember.  I was a fan of the films (well, the second, third, and fourth anyway) and eagerly embraced TNG when it hit the air.  Despite an abiding fandom, I never turned into one of those scary, obsessive fans the franchise is infamous for.  Well, not until I saw Deep Space Nine.

The following is an interview with Martin Stiff, writer and illustrator of the comic book series The Absence and co-director of the graphic design studio Amazing 15. In this interview, Fanboy Comics Managing Editor Barbra Dillon chats with Stiff about collecting the single issues of The Absence into a trade paperback through Titan Books, the challenges of taking on both the writing and artistic duties of a project, and how he balances his comic book work (and personal life!) with graphic design.

This interview was conducted on March 7, 2014.

Nowadays, comic books and their title characters are getting revamps, remakes, make overs, and reboots out the wazoo. Back in 1986, it was a pretty big deal. DC Comics rocked comic bookdom to its core with a mini-series debuting a brand new set of duds for its king of the sea, Aquaman. It was quite a departure from his original, more well known orange and green wet suit. (At least they kept him platinum for blonde's sake!) I should also note that mini-series weren't as common back then either, because of the newsstand set up situation.  Since the sea-faring superhero hadn't had a series in a while and lost some of his luster thanks to his portrayal in the legendary Saturday morning Superfriends cartoon, I assume DC wanted to make some noise while bringing back the nautical hunk.

The following is an interview with Amy Berg and Mike Sizemore, the writers and Executive Producers of Geek & Sundry's new digital web series, Caper. In this interview, Fanboy Comics Managing Editor Barbra Dillon chats with Berg and Sizemore about their inspiration for the superhero comedy, why the show stands apart from other superhero tales, and how they balance their writing duties with their producer roles.

This interview was conducted on February 17, 2014.

Felix Felicis

Muggle, wizard, centaur, or troll, we could all use a little bit more luck, am I right? Recreationally, of course. (We do not condone the use of our Felix Felicis recipe in official sporting matches of any kind and adhere to all stated mandates of the International Quiddich Association.)

Lumberjanes is the newest series from BOOM! Studios' new BOOM! Box imprint. The book follows a group of best friends who discover a bunch of supernatural monsters attacking their summer camp, and, as awesome teenage girls are like to do, they take the fight back to the monsters. Here at The PREVIEWS Party, we called Lumberjanes editor Shannon Watters and writers Noelle Stevenson and Grace Ellis to talk about comics, summer camp adventures, and the coolest monsters you'll ever see.

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