Here we are, like the main adventuring party, returning to the world of Die. And like the group of longtime friends turned adventurers, it was with hesitation and anxiety that I returned to a world that I loved so much after taking some time apart from it.

Can you say action? Cool settings? Magic that has nothing to do with European elves, wizards, and witches?

The journey home has brought Edward grief and much worse. His father - the king - is a vampire. As a young man, the king was determined to wipe out all the witches from his kingdom, but one survived long enough to offer the king everything he wished for: a throne and the power that goes with it.

While Edward learns how to control his ability to shift from human to unicorn and back again, a raven delivers a most unexpected message: His father - the king - is alive. And not only that, the king wants him to come home.

In a nutshell, this is a River-centric story that attempts to move River’s story into the future. Set ahead of the “Brand New ‘Verse” timeline, this book explores River’s damaged psyche and how she’s struggling with keeping her sense of self. Of course, since this is a Firefly story, high-stakes hijinks are part and parcel, in this case involving a caper with sheep. A LOT of sheep.

The TL;DR of it is this: Specs is an exciting, new series that is part thriller, part horror, part teenage angst, and part supernatural mystery. If other words, it's as if Stranger Things and R.L. Stine’s Goosebumps had a love child. Heck, I’d even wager a guess that the address of the protagonist is an Easter egg, an homage to Stine and his birthplace.

What if a comic book creator were recruited as a spy, and his traveling around the world to different conventions was just a cover for espionage work? An interesting premise for a comic, certainly, but fairly far-fetched, right? Not entirely. While the story is, for the most part, fictional, it’s inspired by the real-life experiences of creator David Mack who spent a couple of years working for the State Department, traveling all around the world.

There have been a few DC Universe Animated films that feature Batman’s son, Damian Wayne, in a key role, but this is the first time I’ve ever seen Superman’s son be given the spotlight. It’s an interesting concept: What’s it like growing up the child of a world-famous superhero and the various ways of dealing with it. Exploring that concept is just one of the things that makes Battle of the Super Sons fun to watch.

Nostalgia is very big in fandom. Whether it’s three different eras of Spider-Man coming together on the big screen or a brand-new Quantum Leap television show which frequently revisits old characters and concepts, nostalgia for the past is front and center. Star Trek has been no exception. Since the inception of this new era of the franchise, we’ve seen beloved characters pop up all over the place. Star Trek: Lower Decks devoted an entire episode to Deep Space Nine. Characters from the Original series, Next Generation, and DS9 appeared in an episode of Star Trek: Prodigy (complete with the original actors voicing the characters). Star Trek: Picard season three is set reunite the entire cast of the Next Generation. That being said, the question remains: When will nostalgia impact the comics?

Welcome back, gentle readers. The last time around, we left our tale with our three diabolical scientists fleeing their lab/digs after committing an act of arson to erase all traces of the gruesome experiments they’d been performing there. With their creation, Frankie, in tow, they were headed for a fresh start.

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