Prospera seems like a perfect world with its comfortable lifestyles, white-collar jobs, and lack of death, at least in the most common sense.  Once the monitor implanted in each citizen’s arm falls to a certain level, they are gently shepherded to the Nursery by a ferryman to be reset into a childlike state and eventually returned to Prospera as a ward of adult members of the community; however, the Support Staff that take care of the menial jobs on Prospera live ordinary human lives with aging, illness, and suffering, while resentful towards the idyllic Prosperan community is growing rapidly.  Whispers of a rebel group known as the Arrivalists spread, and an unsuspecting ferryman called Proctor Bennett will be sucked into the heart of the conspiracy when his father’s retirement doesn’t go as planned.

In 1999, Gabriel and his friends saved the world using the chatroom, W0RLDTR33. Their battle was fought against a secret section of the Internet called the Undernet which was trying to infect everything, sealing it for good... or so they thought. Now, someone named PH34R seems to have found the Undernet and is unleashing it once again, but this time with all of the new technology of the 21st century.

Summer got a taste of the superhero life when she stepped in as Geek-Girl while Ruby was out of commission, and she’s missing the thrill of having powers to use for good.  It doesn’t help that Ruby and Kerry seem to be bonding, so being able to join Johnny Carlyle’s superhero team might be the easiest way to stay BFFs with her bestie. Meanwhile, a new baddie enters the super scene in Acorn Ridge, and their mimicry skills will challenge every powered person who tries to stop them!

At the end of the last arc, it would appear that things seem to have gone back to normal, or at least as normal as things get in Sunnydale. With Buffy restored as a Slayer, the Scoobies basically averted Armageddon. So now… the aftermath.

With another volume of Undiscovered Country, we find ourselves in another Zone, as we continue to join our group through the dangerous and unknown Spiral that has become the final resting place of America (or Americana as it's now known). Through previous zones, we've seen desolate wastelands, technological utopias, and open seas, all of which have done quite a bit of damage to our heroes as they've been tested over and over during their journey through the new America which is walled off and completely isolated. The first three volumes of this series have all been vastly different, and this is no exception, as the party is split and dragged not only across distance, but through time, as the group has to deal with the repercussions of the storied past of America and into a far-flung and malleable future in Zone History.

Jesi/Which-Where and her new partners soon learn what the drug Candi has been developing really does: It gives humans super-human strength. 

A few years ago, DC Universe Animated Original Movies released Batman: Gotham by Gaslight – a Steampunk adventure that reimagined Batman in a 19th century Victorian setting, tracking Jack the Ripper. It had all the characters we’ve come to know and love, but with a completely separate continuity, which meant that origins, motivations, and even allegiances were often very different from what we’re used to. Batman: The Doom That Came to Gotham does the same thing, only in a 1920s Lovecraftian world.

Who knew a baking contest could be so dangerous? John Allison’s Tackleford mystery series has a new chapter in Dark Horse Comics' The Great British Bump-Off, but beware: The recipes may be tasty, but some are DEADLY!

It wasn’t long ago that I discovered Dan Watters’ name when I read Home Sick Pilots. What started out as one story became the most dizzying comic book reading experience I had had in some time. It was genuinely unpredictable, absolutely tremendous, and completely punk. I cheered a little inside when I saw his name on The Seasons Have Teeth.

With Matt Kindt’s first graphic novel from his burgeoning imprint Flux House (Dark Horse), we’re once again in the realms of noirish detective work - a genre Kindt loves and that I love him for.

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