The second episode of Fleming: The Man Who Would Be Bond had a much darker tone than the previous one, which does not come as too much of a surprise, since it takes place during World War II. Although, the war is not the only source of turmoil in Ian Fleming's life.

Katelyn (Kit Quinn) is a woman who hit her head and now thinks she's the superhero Trinity Infinity. Her friends - Lilly (Lola Binkerd), Paul (David Dickerson), and Silvia (Tallest Silver) - have been trying to help her cope with life by using elaborate comic book scenarios while Paul's ex-girlfriend, Morgan (Megan Alyse), has been trying to snap Katelyn back into reality. Their back-and-forth struggle finally comes to a head in the final episode of Sweethearts of the Galaxy.

'Episode 7 – Behold . . . the Committee of Evil Doers'

The whole cast is together at last as Morgan (Megan Alyse) gathers together all of Trinity Infinity's villains who together will be known as the . . . . Committee of Evil Doers? The name might need some work, but it's a solid plan to bring Katelyn (Kit Quinn) back from her delusion, where she thinks she is the cosmic, costumed superhero Trinity Infinity.

Holy whiskey shots, Batman! After watching Katelyn (Kit Quinn) nearly beat a robber to death because she thinks she's a superhero, her roommate Lilly (Lola Binkerd) has had enough and retreats to the comforts of a bar to step away from the craziness. Who can blame her? I think I'd have resorted to drinking earlier than this. While there, Lilly and Katelyn meet a persistent gentleman who is undeterred by ladies in superhero costumes in his quest for companionship and a bartender who isn't afraid to go the distance to protect her customers.


Nothing like a good existential crisis to get you going in the morning. While Lilly (Lola Binkerd) is concerned about paying the rent, her roommate Katelyn (Kit Quinn), who thinks she's a superhero, is more concerned with her other job. The one that involves beating up people and not getting paid.


It's time to get back to work. Sweethearts of the Galaxy is back from its hiatus and starts the second half of the series by throwing Katelyn (Kit Quinn), who still believes she's the alien superhero Trinity Infinity, into her day job. Cue hijinks.


Holy cat fights, Batman! The third episode of Sweethearts of the Galaxy, the web series about a woman, Katelyn (Kit Quinn), who believes she is the superhero Trinity Infinity, focuses on Paul's (David Dickerson) roommate and ex-girlfriend, Morgan (Megan Alyse). Although the closest thing to an antagonist thus far for the series, I still feel more sorry for her than rooting against her. I think there's a missed opportunity to show what Morgan did to put Lilly and Paul so much on the defensive. From my perspective as a viewer, it seems like Morgan is looking for any excuse to interact with them. This is possibly a strategy to get close to Paul again, or maybe she's just lonely.

I want to give Paul (David Dickerson) a great big hug. The poor guy. Paul lives with his ex-girlfriend Morgan (Megan Alyse) and is trying desperately to make enough money to move out. He's also been pursuing his crush, the geeky girl next door, Katelyn (Kit Quinn), and needs her help to get to a job interview. There's just one problem: after hitting her head at a comic book convention, Katelyn thinks she's the superhero Trinity Infinity.

New on the Tube is a series devoted to reviewing relatively new television shows and determining how they may (or may not) appeal to their intended audiences, where the shows are going, and what can be done to make them better.

Show Premise: 

30+ years in the future, advances in technology have risen to an all-time high, allowing for even the most sordid of persons to have access to amazing and disturbing possibilities.  To combat this, the police have begun using combat androids as partners for officers in the field, allowing for more firepower and logic-processing capabilities.  One detective, John Kennex, is very reluctant to work with an android and does all he can to make his feelings about the situation known.  The show airs on Mondays at 8:00 p.m. (Eastern) on FOX.


Katelyn (Kit Quinn) has always loved cosplaying as her favorite heroes, no matter how much crap her friends give her, but when she hits her head at a convention and wakes up thinking she is Trinity Infinity, the character whose costume she's wearing, her friends are going to have to find some unique way to help her cope with the real world.

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