‘Geek-Girl #4:’ Comic Book Review

Ruby Kaye is back in the game after Summer took a beating from Nina at the end of Geek-Girl Series #2 Volume 3! Neon Girl wants Maine’s resident geek superheroine to team up and take down the Legion of Larcenists, plus Ruby realizes once again who her true friends are. In the final pages, Geek-Girl gets the chance of a lifetime for a fledging Cape, but will she take it? Is it really what Ruby Kaye wants for her life, or is it just a little too much?

The Legion of Larcenists is the first group of baddies that Geek-Girl and Co. have faced in the series - the other villains always seemed to act alone; however, an early scene between Neon Girl (real name Sandra) and Mr. Carlyle, the owner of the artificial limb and enhancement company shown in previous issues, reveal the reason why Maine may have so many super powered folks (hint: Mr. Carlyle will sell anything to anyone with the cash).  The dashing businessman also displays a flair for the dramatic, which serves our super ladies well in their engagement with the League of Larcenists in this chapter, but what does it mean for Ruby Kaye going forward?

Summer manages to drag Ruby to meet her other real friend, Mariella, early in the issue, and I enjoyed seeing Ruby reconnect with a friend who actually cared about her well-being, not just her cache as a status symbol.  Additionally, while the League of Larcenists is predominantly male, some dialogue between Terry and Chromex provide commentary about toxic group dynamics that I found insightful, as well.

Granda’s artwork continues to be great, but I did notice more shots lingering on butts and boobs that I remember from previous installments.  At the same time, I can’t deny the Summer and Ruby intend to be attractive to others, so I can’t argue about the choices of clothing.  Besides, the art never veers into gratuitous panty shorts or nip slips, so it stays artfully tasteful (besides Neon Girl is shown as both attractive and horribly burnt/scarred from her encounter with Lightning Girl, which is a great message).

The last pages of Geek-Girl Series 2 Volume 4 ends with Ruby getting an incredible opportunity involving Mr. Carlyle and a new found ally, but does Geek-Girl want to make a name for herself along with another super? Maybe the secret of the glasses should be kept to as few people as possible?  Will Ruby take the slimy businessman up on his offer, or will she tell him to take a hike?  Only the next issue will have the answers!

4.5 Surprisingly Deep Robots Out of 5

Creative Team: Sam Johnson (Writer), Carlos Granda (Artist), Chunlin Zhao (Colorist), Paul McLaren (Letterer)
Publisher: Markosia Press
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