‘Infinite Loop: Nothing but the Truth’ - Trade Paperback Review

This may be the second volume in a larger story, but it’s important to note that Infinite Loop: Nothing But the Truth is mostly standalone. If you haven’t read the first volume, you won’t be lost trying to keep up. Most of the important information is explained quickly and clearly in the first few pages. Though, of course, the first volume is very good, too, and I highly recommend you check it out, as well.

In the previous volume, Teddy Anderson was a time agent working for a dystopian system. Now, she’s a freedom fighter and outlaw, fighting against that system as part of an underground resistance. Meanwhile, Teddy’s wife, Ano, fights the same fight on legal turf as a congresswoman in Washington. Her high-profile status has forced the two to get divorced and live as secret paramours—much like they did in the first volume. Both Teddy and Ano agree that this was the right decision, but neither one is entirely convinced of it.

When one of the people being taken care of by the resistance goes missing, Teddy goes looking for her and inadvertently finds herself stranded in a town that’s addicted to virtual reality. Or rather, they’re addicted to a comforting illusion that allows them to ignore the sad, depressing reality of their real lives. Sometimes, they OD on this illusion.

Teddy’s only ally in this town is Ron who runs a small, non-profit rehab clinic. Ron is being forced out of business by Doc, the wealthy mogul who supplies the town with their addictive illusions—and who also happens to be Ron’s father.

All of this is maybe half of the first issue. There’s a lot more going on over the course of the volume, with action, intrigue, chase scenes, fight scenes, plot twists, betrayals, and much more. There’s a lot of fun to be had in this comic.

However, it’s more than just cool sci-fi action and fun. The first volume of Infinite Loop was full of social commentary, wrapped up in a time travel adventure story. It was never subtle about its message, but at the same time, it never felt trite or heavy handed.

This second volume works in much the same way. Alongside the time travel and virtual reality, there’s also a clear message: In the face of adversity, will you become complacent and allow yourself to buy into the lie that everything is all right? Or will you continue to fight for a better life, and a better world?

All in all, Nothing But the Truth is a lot of fun and well worth a read. If you like sci-fi/action stories with a dose of social commentary for good measure, you’ll love this comic.

Creative Team: Pierrick Colinet (writer), Elsa Charretier (writer and additional art), and Daniele Di Nicuolu (art)
Publisher: IDW
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