‘Retcon #1:’ Advance Comic Book Review

When I looked up this comic online, the synopsis promised time-hopping and alternate timelines. In this first issue, at least, there is nothing like that. Still, there’s plenty to hold your interest and keep you entertained.

As we open, two covert government agents are infiltrating an AA meeting. There are rumors that one of their own has been letting slip highly classified government secrets in these meetings, and the two agents are tasked with confirming the rumors and keeping the information contained. Seems simple enough.

Of course, the agency they work for is dedicated to the paranormal and supernatural. The two agents, Brandon and Josh, each have incredible and potentially very destructive powers—as does their target, Chris “The Animal” Hodge. Chris’ powers you can probably at least somewhat guess from his nickname. Josh is a skinwalker, who can project his consciousness into anyone and control their actions, even from hundreds of miles away. As for Brandon… well, that you’ll have to find out for yourself.

Brandon, our narrator, is an ordinary, fairly laid back guy who’s new to the whole covert government operation thing. So, when his superiors give the order to destroy the meeting facility and kill all of the AA members in order to keep their secrets contained, he naturally has other ideas. But will he be able to stop it?

The setup of this story reminds me a bit of a comic I reviewed a couple of years ago called I Play the Bad Guy. It also featured a covert government agency training and using people with superpowers for potentially nefarious ends. That was an excellent comic, and it will be difficult for Retcon to measure up to its legacy; however, there’s definite potential here, with plenty of supernatural action and adventure to go around.

If, in subsequent issues, they introduce time-hopping and alternate timelines, as the synopsis promised, then, combined with the mythos they’ve already set up and the rather unique collection of paranormal superpowers, this comic has the potential to become something truly amazing and unique; however, even if that ends up not factoring in, or being only a minor detail, there’s still enough here to hold your interest and keep you coming back for more.

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