‘Declan and Chang: Sweet F.A. #6’ - Comic Book Review (Three Ways to Change a Man’s Mind)

Elvis Chang and Billy Declan are the baddest mercenaries around. Cybernetically enhanced, armed to the teeth, and with few morals, they get the job done however they can. In this case, that job is a worldwide revolution they found themselves in the middle of alongside their adopted daughter Luisa and her husband Victor.

Even though it’s been two years since issue #5, the Yuan twins immediately come back to the series’ pitch-black sense of humor and awesome set pieces. I found myself laughing and cringing a mere two pages in, which is standard practice for this series. The mature warning on the cover of the book is well earned, as mostly naked robot chicks, a bucketful of colorful swears, and plenty of death and destruction can be found within its pages. Although, funny enough, this final issue may be the tamest yet.

Even though it’s a whopping 34 pages, this final issue of Declan and Chang suffers from feeling rushed to tie up its loose ends. No less than the threat of three major villains, a world war, the future of Declan and Chang, and one more backstory had to be crammed into this issue. Nonetheless, the Yuans tackle this time crunch in style and find the space for plenty of laughs, dramatic tension, and vulgarity along the way.

It’s been a wild, blood-soaked, and highly quotable ride that I’ve enjoyed far more than I thought I would when I read my first issue way back in 2013. But all good things must come to an end. Billy D, Elvis, Luisa, it’s been a pleasure.

For more info on Declan and Chang, visit their Facebook page. And if you’d like to see what Matt and John have been working on the last two years, check out their new series over at 1First Comics, Serving Supes and Inspector Oh.

4 Glorious Last Stands out of 5

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