‘Firefly: Brand New ‘Verse #6’ - Advance Comic Book Review

Quick recap: Having met up with River and an unusual young girl (Shakti), Emma races against time to save her mother and the rest of the Serenity crew. And perhaps screw around with Blue Sun some, too…

With River’s help, Emma and Lu find the arkship that carried many of Earth’s inhabitants destined to work indentured servitude in a new ‘verse. With the bait firmly in place, it’s time to hedge some bets and make for the daring rescue!

In the finale of the first arc, Josh Lee Gordon gives the reader what they want (a happy-ish ending) and tantalizes them with possible adventures to come, with a newly established crew. Gordon’s first arc delivers on plenty: 1. Great check-ins with most of the familiar faces; 2. A great central conflict between Zoë and Emma that made the main storyline seem ancillary; 3. Establishing a new status quo for the ‘Verse and opening it up to more possibilities; 4. Continuing the discourse on capitalism/consumerism and its impacts on the environment.  Sci-fi has such great potential to shine a light on current topics with the lens of the future. #StoriesMatter when they take us on a journey that allows us to appreciate present stories, often with new contexts.

Fabiana Mascolo closes out the first arc in great style. There is such a fresh openness to the linework that makes this feel like a refreshing start to something new. Rounding up the visuals is Lucia DiGiammarino’s colorwork, which complements the artwork really well. Because so much of this arc takes place in space, there is a certain austerity in the chromatic language that does really land the fact that we’re dealing with a whole new story of sorts. Jim Cambell’s lettering keeps things moving, and my favorite portion is in the way Inara is greeted by her former crew members. It’s almost impossible to not “hear” the individual tones, and I think a lot of that is due to Campbell’s mastery.

Overall, while this marks the end of the first arc, the door is wide open for more stories set in the ‘Verse. We should be so lucky.

Creative Team: Josh Lee Gordon (writer), Fabiana Mascolo (art), Lucia DiGiammarino (colors), Jim Campbell (letterer)
Publisher: BOOM! Studios
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