‘Bang! #4:’ Comic Book Review

The fourth issue of Matt Kindt and Wilfredo Torres’ Bang! introduces the final member of the team: Paige Turnier… get it? It’s a cheeky poke at your murder mystery madams like Jessica Fletcher from Murder, She Wrote or Agatha Christie’s Marple. Turnier is an aging Chinese woman with an incredibly sharp mind and a few other tricks up her sleeves. Though like Dr. Queen who was introduced in the last issue, she downplays her position. Dr. Queen did it for a certain level of anonymity, Turnier, so as not to make anyone feel uncomfortable with her heightened intellect, puts on a sort of silly French accent reminiscent of Inspector Jacques Clouseau. I find it interesting that the two female characters have to downplay their positions. I wonder if something more will come of that. Either way, Turnier is a fun character, very different from the other three added to the pool to fight against Goldmaze, a secret organization very much akin to James Bond’s SPECTRE.

Since we’re dealing with Matt Kindt, I don’t expect any of this to be as straight forward as we’re getting it so far. Matt Kindt very naturally and poetically likes to play with the reader’s expectation, and when we’re dealing with super spies, world-dominating organizations, and authors who write the future, expect things to never be as they seem.

Torres’ artwork is pulpy, colorful fun. His action sequences remind me of 1960s retro with the Dutch angles. His attention to detail is a lot of fun; the John McClane character still isn’t wearing any shoes.

The most important part of this issue seems to be the connection that two of the characters share. It will be interesting to see how that plays out over the course of the story.

There’s a lot to love here, especially if you want to see the James Bond we should be getting when Daniel Craig sets aside the martini.

Creative team: Matt Kindt (story), Wilfredo Torres (art), Nayoung Kim (colors), Nate Piekos of Blambot (letters), Anita Magaña (design), Ann Gray (digital technical art), Daniel Chabon (editor)
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
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