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‘Miniature Final Fantasy:’ Advance Hardcover Review

This collection is a joyous showcase of great scenes from the Final Fantasy series that are blended with our everyday items, including great still images of Chocobo miniatures adventuring past a field of tennis balls or Cloud and Sephiroth miniatures fighting their iconic showdown atop an open can representing the Nibel Reactor tower.

Through an excited and vivid portrayal of these miniatures whilst also displaying concept art displaying how these pictures came to fruition, this book initially came to fans in the form of a memorable Final Fantasy Miniature Calendar series.

Through the stunning portrayal of photographer Tetsuya Tanaka’s lens, Final Fantasy fans receive a truly new perspective, as Tanaka’s take is brilliant in providing an almost jolly tone to the original conceit. This book not only acts as a stunning marvel in its own right, but also a source of inspiration for other creators. It brings about a can-do attitude for creatives to pick up an object and imbue life into it. This feeling of playful childhood wonder remains pervasive throughout the book.    

Following these designs, this book includes an extensive interview with Tanaka who unveils his process for capturing these pictures. In his compositions and lighting, you see the magnitude of his control and how he brings a level of playful realism to each photo. This book is a great guide for those hoping to improve in their craft.

Creative Team: Tetsuya Tanaka (Photographer)
Publisher: Dark Horse Books and Square Enix
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