‘Black Hammer / Justice League: Hammer of Justice #5’ - Advance Comic Book Review

I just sat in a car for twenty minutes and explained how special Black Hammer is to someone. This series that began as a microcosm in a barn has expanded into a universe that wraps around the past, the future, alternate realities, and the deconstruction of the story and stories in general. It feels like I’ve lived through decades of Black Hammer comics, and it’s only been two years.

The recent Black Hammer venture has pitted the characters we know and love from the barn with their mirror images in the DC Universe. It has been a hoot. Instead of finding moments to deconstruct the story, Lemire has taken moments to deconstruct how the indie and DC mediums don’t quite work together; one character going to saw as realizing their curse word was bleeped out.

At the center of the characters flipping worlds was the only character I assumed it would be: a very mischievous character… I won’t ruin it, and I won’t ruin the story twists that have come about, only to say that the theme of family has maintained over the course of this mini-series.

The one thing this specific story has managed to avoid is the sometimes melancholic, bittersweet tone that persists in the Black Hammer universe and that may be because the DC Universe characters are about hope.

I do love that - with the Justice League characters whisked away to the barn - other characters like The Spectre and The Question were able to get some stage time, and, of course, Aquaman is given some much-needed name recognition.

This five-issue series has been a lovely ride. The entire Black Hammer library is worth digging into.

Creative Team: Jeff Lemire (writer), Michael Walsh (artist), Nate Piekos of Blambot (letters), Daniel Chabon, Michael McCalister (editors)
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics and DC Comics
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