‘Sliced Quarterly #10:’ Comic Book Review

Another round, Ken.

Mr. Reynolds brings us the tenth issue of his experimental anthology series, and by his own words one of the last.  In his editorial, he states that he’s been able to accomplish more than he had originally hoped when he began his project, and that he’ll still continue to bring lesser-known artists to the publishing world and help to get their stories told, but that this format would not be able to move forward.  Though I’m sad to lose this quarterly delight of new artists and storytellers, I understand fully that projects sometimes don’t change as times do and something new needs to take its place. I know that I’ll continue to enjoy those crafters I’ve encountered so far and will certainly follow whatever new project that Mr. Reynolds puts forth.

This month’s offerings constitute another high bar for me with some beautifully written and drawn short works.  I’m always in awe of folks who can create an entire world - a compelling story with a beginning, middle, and end - and feelings that resonate beyond the final panel in such a short amount of space.  The short form isn’t easier because you don’t have to fill as much space, it’s harder than you may believe to edit a creation into this style.  Finding the essence of your tale and cutting away all of the potentially cool side notes that don’t contribute to simply telling the story are the hardest things a storyteller can do.

"The Promise" is a beautifully told tale of love that left me with a similar feeling to Up.  "Luck Increase" is a fun, oddball tale looking at the world from a 90-degree angle from the “norm.”  "My Troubles with Crumb" is a great introspection about dealing with an icon you respect being called out for negative acts that had not been called out before as times change.  "Leaves" is the most abstract offering this month, but it is beautiful and poetic.  "A Dark and Noisy Night" is a delight for all of the senses and is wonderful in its execution.  "Farquhar Part 4" seems to continue the serial story, but I’m not entirely sure where it’s going, and the "Small Press Preview" is an anthology by Kathryn Briggs who has written for Sliced before.  It’s an anthology shown in an anthology…very meta and very interesting.  It’s fun to see the various ideas coming from a single creator.

I’m going to miss the delights of this series when it folds up in two issues, but I’m happy for all of the wonderful stories that I’ve been privy to throughout its run.  If this is your first time reading about it, you can see all ten issues on their website for free.  You may not get or dig everything that you’ll see, but there’s such a wide assortment of cool talent and ideas on display that you’ll definitely find something that speaks to you.

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Creative Team: Ken Reynolds (Editor) Jenny Brown (Cover Art)
    The Promise: Adam Kindred
    Luck Increase: Eve
    My Troubles with Crumb: Matt MacFarland
    Leaves: S.J. McCune
    A Dark and Noisy Night: Daniel Whiston (Script) Ken Reynolds (Art/Letters)
    Farquhar Part 4: Tara Lucy
    Small Press Preview: Magpie-Kathryn Briggs
Publisher: Ken Reynolds
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