‘The Damned #8:’ Advance Comic Book Review

Demons, gangsters, the 1930s: that’s Cullen Bunn’s The Damned in a nutshell.  While it has the world building and epic story arc that Bunn in known to imbue with most of his works, it also has the rhythm of a jazz band riffing at the top of their game.

Our protagonist, Eddie - a cursed, smooth-talking, devious anti-hero who has a great deal of involvement with the demons and meddling in their affairs - is looking for his dead mother in the afterlife. His curse? If he dies and someone touches his corpse, they die and he comes back to life. So, he bleeds himself to death and gets his estranged brute of a brother, Morgan, to watch his body while he goes to rescue his mom. Except that a family of demon gangsters want to make sure Eddie never comes back, so Morgan has to protect Eddie’s corpse from getting captured and getting burned to death. That was last issue. The cliffhanger left us with Eddie captured and Morgan having to hustle to figure out what to do next!

The payoff this issue comes in the form of some answers but also more questions. Character motivations shift, setting us up for the next story push as the world and Eddie’s troubles expand to an even greater degree.

Bunn fills the book with pulpy, gangster serial fun. Brian Hurtt’s art is never stagnant; there’s always something visually interesting going on. He paces out the action like a pro. Bill Crabtree’s colors aren’t just perfect for the story, but they help to elevate it. None of them stoops to easy clichés, but search for presenting genre elements in new ways.

There are so many great books and creators out there right now; this should be one comic that you definitely add to your list.

Creative Team: Cullen (story), Brian Hurtt (art), Bill Crabtree (colors), Brian Hurtt (letters), Keith Wood (designer), Desiree Wilson (editor)
Publisher: Oni Press
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