‘TMNT Universe #14:’ Advance Comic Book Review

Where have you been, Turtle fans!?

All right, so it's not our faults that August brought Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle comic books to us each week with TMNT: Dimension X. But I, for one, was thankful. Although, I've missed the other friends and foe of our heroes-in-a-half-shell, especially the Mutanimals. And what the heck is Master Splinter up to?!

For now, I will simply be grateful to have TMNT Universe—to remind us of those from issues past. Last month, Oroku Karai, once a major influence of The Foot Clan, teamed up with Mutanimals, Bludgeon, and Koya to help find a magical sword that could prove useful in all of their futures.

This month, however, in TMNT Universe #14, our heroes’ search proves more difficult and deadly than they expected. They’re walking into a trap, and the creators literally go all Lord of the Rings on us with ghouls that wish to challenge our challengers. All the while, Karai’s sister, Natsu, is on her own mission to warn her only sibling, even though she’s going against honor…and her grandfather.

As I often find it worth repeating, kudos to writer Erik Burnham for his dark take with this series. Colorist Brittany Peer also lends her talents to help bring this story to life (or in this case, to death!). But Sophie Campbell really takes the cake as writer, artist, and more in both the main storyline, as well as “Prey: Part 3,” in which Bludgeon and Koya face their own challenger.

I just hope Natsu is able to save her sister in time before something stands in her way…

Until next month,

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