‘TMNT Dimension X #5:’ Advance Comic Book Review

Is that it?  Is it over? 

Alas, the evil Donald Dump is still the President of the U.S. of A., but I’m referring to a different evil—one that actually has a brain—General Krang!

It appears as though the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comic book mini-series, Dimension X, has come to an end, but it’s nowhere close to the end for our heroes-in-a-half-shell in putting Krang the Brain away behind bars for good!

If you can remember as far back as just last week, the Turtles got distracted by all of the fun and excitement of Palmadise City, a Vegas-like planet where Ace the Duck was laying low.  Ace is a witness to General Krang’s war crimes, and with the assassin Hakk-R still on the loose, the Turtles were (of course) able to save the cocky duck from elimination.  Not without his help though, and not after Mikey couldn’t help himself from gambling.  Wasn’t exactly the Palmadise paradise they were looking for, but it was an escape nonetheless, that’s for sure. 

This week, however, in TMNT Dimension X #5, our pizza-loving friends come face to face with Hakk-R on a planet called Totus, or what I like to call “the botanical gardens of space.”  They’re all looking for the same witness, a plant named Occuli, but as each of our guests are greeted, everyone—or everything—on Totus is in “constant collective communication.”  In other words, Occuli isn’t just one organism, but many of the same organisms.  And sure enough, the Turtles come to find an entirely different witness than they ever expected. 

Kudos to this week’s story by writer Devin Grayson.  I truly enjoyed his theme about community and togetherness, something we can all learn a lesson from in today’s political climate.  And of course, no comic book would be complete without beautiful artwork. This week’s issue brought to you by the talented Craig Rousseau, including colors by Leonardo Ito. 

For now, all we can do is await the fate of Krang the Brain, coming next month in TMNT #74

Until then,

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