‘TMNT Dimension X #2:’ Comic Book Review

As I'm sure you know by now, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are in full swing with their travels to Dimension X. General Krang is on trial to be kept in jail for the rest of his days, but our heroes-in-a-half-shell must become heroes-of-the-universe as they venture to find the witnesses that will keep Krang behind bars. And with assassin Hakk-R following their every move, their mission is proving harder than expected.

Last week, TMNT creator Bobby Curnow introduced us to B’een, a blob-like creature who understands the emotions of anyone around him better than they do. After convincing him that the Turtles are out to kill him, Hakk-R managed to kidnap B’een, but not before our pizza-loving reptiles saved the day and showed him who the real heroes are.

(NOTE: Reading TMNT ongoing #73 is recommended before this week’s Dimension X issue, but not required.)

Which brings us to TMNT Dimension X #2, in which we meet Anemon, a gentle beast with a face for a belly and the strength of ten men. He once served Krang to save his own people, but was of course betrayed when Krang forced Anemon to give up their secret food supply.  He's lived in solitude ever since, blind and depressed. But with another creature, Eymo, as his sight-seeing sidekick, the pair should make for excellent witnesses against the general brainlord.

Meanwhile, Ulises Farinas and Erick Freitas join the TMNT team with this fun, fresh, and exciting new story. I absolutely loved the characters of Anemon and Eymo, and especially their backstory. I look forward to seeing them more. And with Michael Dialynas bringing these characters to life via his stunning artwork, Dimension X is truly a comic book mini-series not to be missed!

See you in the next dimension…next week!


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