‘Serving Supes #7:’ Comic Book Review

Being a superhero or supervillian is tough. Being a process server who serves them is even tougher. Just ask brothers Clive and Cheech and their rag-tag team in Serving Supes.

In this issue, Cheech arrives at the office with his barely legal new girlfriend, wanting to show her off.  Liz is not impressed and is not shy about letting him know exactly what she thinks; however, Cheech uses this as an opportunity to force her on a double-date to prove that her girlfriend, Alex, exists. She folds under his relentless hounding and agrees. Meanwhile, Clive is out serving the supervillain, Pitbull, when they are seen by his secret crush, Mankiller. Not wanting her to know it is him, Clive convinces Pitbull to give him his mask and they switch identities. Needless to say, it doesn’t go so well for Pitbull when he lies and tells Mankiller that he’s a process server. Clive must now choose to stay in character as Pitbull or lose his chance to be with Mankiller. What will he do?

A fun and wacky issue, the writers do their usual good job with the snarky dialogue, and I love the continuing developing friendship between Liz and Cheech. They are best buds, but just don’t realize it yet. Clive has once again gotten himself in an impossible situation, which I look forward to seeing how they resolve. I was almost disappointed with how they treated Candi, Cheech’s young, blonde, millennial girlfriend, but there was a surprise twist which I enjoyed; however, the transitions between what was going on in the office and Clive’s assignment were abrupt and could have been handled more smoothly and with a bit more setup. My other suggestion would be to do a short series spin-off featuring Alex, as I really liked her dry, NSFW humor.

This is a fun series that keeps getting better. Well done, guys!

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