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‘Mind MGMT: Bootleg #3’ - Comic Book Review

Matt Kindt loves the spy genre. It captures shifting allegiances, nefarious doings, and the muddy waters of right and wrong. If used properly, it is the stomping ground for observing heightened human reactions and relationships on both the personal and the infrastructural levels.

He is using his own world of Mind MGMT to undermine his own world of Mind MGMT, asking questions and challenging his own creation and the meaning that was behind it. The Eraser has come to Meru - once enemies and now something else. The Zanzibar Four are tools, weapons being trained to fight a villain whose name we finally come to know. To what end all of this plays toward, who is playing who, or am I too cynical—is everything more straight forward than it seems to be? That’s the world of Mind MGMT; the power of words and images shape perception.

Speaking of words and images, David Rubín is here. He is drawing, coloring, and lettering. He is building this from the ground and all the way up. It shows and, upon reading it, it feels necessary. I was not only transfixed, but transported; I was tangled up in the visceral world he created on the page. The first few pages really start screwing with your perception, and the issue doesn’t let up. I was both actively aware and very much lost in a sort of subconscious labyrinth. And when the issue is done, it doesn’t stop.

Kindt relies on secondary stories - one in screenplay format and a secondary short-form comic at the end - to continue to stir the pot after we get a cliffhanger. This is a world that sucks you in and is hard to step away from.

Creative Team: Matt Kindt (script), David Rubín (art and letters), Daniel Chabon (editor), Chuck Howitt-Lease and Misha Gehr (assistant editors), Patrick Satterfield and Matt Kindt (designers), Allyson Haller (digital art technician)
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
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