‘Firefly #34:’ Comic Book Review

In the last issue, a reunion was quickly followed by deteriorating alliance between the Earthers and Kaylee’s group. With tensions running high, things looked like they could get complicated real quick. Unless cooler heads prevailed, that is.

Flash forward to now: Kaylee and Mal have words, with Mal, ironically, questioning Kaylee’s impulsive decisions. Mal’s PTSD has been a recurring element in this arc so far, and a tragic event may force him over the edge, or perhaps, finally on the road to wellness. With the immediate threat abated for now, the future looms even more menacingly over the survivors.

With a new Firefly series on the horizon with a new creative team, it would appear that this is Greg Pak’s final arc on the series, and by my calculations, there will be another couple of issues left to close out his time here. I’ve generally admired Pak’s tenure on this series. I’ve really enjoyed how he’s both expanded the universe and developed these characters over time, giving them new dynamics and direction. The latter is perhaps Pak’s greatest contribution to the ‘Verse and why #StoriesMatter to me, especially for characters that we were only beginning to get to know before the show was canceled.

Simona di Gianfelice’s art is consistent throughout the issue. I’m a huge fan of the clean lines and clear action sequences. Francesco Segala’s coloring of di Gianfelice’s linework shows just how much a great colorist can add to already excellent work. Segala excels at the atmospherics, whether it’s the hot haloes of explosions or the subtle dappled light in a moonlit forest scene. Finally, just like Pak has been a fixture in this series for a good long while now, Jim Campbell has been the other constant quality star player from Day 1.

Overall, with some new, more honest alliances in place, I’m excited to see where the team goes next.

Creative Team: Greg Pak (writer), Simona di Gianfelice (art), Francesco Segala, Gloria Martinelli (colorist), Jim Campbell (letterer)
Publisher: BOOM! Studios
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