‘Undiscovered Country #17:’ Advance Comic Book Review

Art is a complicated thing, especially when it comes to creating the next great masterpiece; however, that’s what Ace Kenyatta has been tasked with doing in the zone of Possibility, an infinite ocean of the influence of American culture and great works - lost to time. In order to continue their way into the next zone and to further their walk on the spiral of this shielded America, the team is counting on Ace to use his knowledge of Americana and the history of this new version of it to continue the legacy of American influence of the world through artistic works. As Ace works his creativity to get them along the path, another option is brought into play from someone who will either be an unlikely ally or a difficult enemy.

This series is wild. It explores the semi-realistic idea of an America that is cut off from the rest of the world, to the inherent dangers of a world that is affected by desolation, or technology, or, in this case, culture. The first arc was all about the wasteland-esque Destiny Zone, where power and ruthlessness was the way to live - the second on the technological utopia of the Unity Zone, despite its obvious facade. Possibility has been something else all together, a zone of ephemeral creation, an endless sea of what was and what could be. Seeing how this ends will be very interesting.

Each arc of this series feels like a completely different book. With each step in the Spiral, we see a new, different America based on a tentpole of the history of American society, put into a lateral form. Each theme explored touches on the last, but just barely connecting these themes together while also bringing something completely new to the table. That is thanks to two of the most talented creators in the comic book industry: Scott Snyder and Charles Soule. Together, these two writers have crafted a world that is endlessly fascinating.

Adding to that is the absolute powerhouse that is Giuseppe Camuncoli. Their talent has shined throughout this entire series, but it seems to keep getting better and better as things progress. The designs that Camuncoli brings to each arc are dynamic, interesting, and absolutely stunning. Leonardo Marello Grassi and Matt Wilson bring additional depth and layers to Camuncoli’s work, with crisp inking and gorgeous colors.

This is a fascinating series because, as farfetched as it is, this feels like it could kind of happen. With division, the rise of hatred, the threat of global catastrophe, and the furthering of America’s reach towards the rest of the world, a total disconnect feels almost inevitable. Maybe not in this exact way, but in some form or another.

As each arc reaches its end, there is a palpable excitement to see how the group manage to make their way through the Spiral, and what lies on the other side of the door to the next zone. The end of this arc is going to be quite the ride.

Creative Team: Charles Soule, Scott Snyder (writers), Guiseppe Camuncoli, Leonardo Marcello Grassi, Matt Wilson (artists)
Publisher: Image Comics
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