‘Ultramega #4:’ Advance Comic Book Review

I’m not even sure how to catch anyone up on what’s happening in Ultramega, and that’s honestly pretty wonderful. This is like nothing else out there right now. It’s a Kaiju story that isn’t concerned at all about pandering to tropes. It’s barely concerned about giving us a hero’s journey, and it’s pulling off avoiding that in the most spectacular way (in spades).

This is like The Blues Brothers of Kaiju stories; it’s almost not concerned about what it’s doing, and yet so much is happening. Every time we think our young hero has made it to a point in which they are ready to become what their father was, a kaiju-fighting Ultramega, Harrem pulls the carpet out from under us and sends the characters scrambling to the next thing.

I’d say there’s a healthy dose of anime-style storytelling mixed in, but this is even more wily than most Japanese stories of similar design. The unexpected always happens, and it works every time. Now, I have absolutely no idea what to expect next, yet I still freaking care about our kid hero. The fights are still visceral. The weirdness is still remarkably weird.

This series is a step ahead of me in every way possible, and every time I feel like I’m there with it, it curves again. I’m not sure if this is simply chaos on the page, absolute genius, or both. I’m going to stick around to find out, because it’s a blast.

Creative Team: James Harrem (creator, artist, writer), Dave Stewart (colors), Rus Wooton (letters), Sean Mackiewicz (editor), Andres Juarez (logo, design)
Publisher: Image Comics, Skybound
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