‘The Bovine League #1:’ Comic Book Review

In 2018, I had the pleasure to review the preview issue of The Bovine League, an all-ages comic book series about a team of genetically altered superheroes - who just so happen to be cows - as they protect Earth and the galaxies beyond from threats large and small.  Created by Andre Owens through his publishing company, Hiro Unlimited, the Bovine League endeavor not only to defend their charges from evil monsters, but to bring together humans and genetically altered beings into a joined community of peace and understanding.  This year, Owens and artist/colorist/letterer Christian Alaminos returned for The Bovine League #1, finding success through Kickstarter for the launch of this futuristic six-issue mini-series.

Issue #1 wastes no time in dropping readers directly into the action, setting the stage for galaxy-spanning battles between our Bovine heroes and various cow gods, all battling for possession of the fated Cosmic Udder - an all-powerful object which can control all forms of matter.  With each battle (as well as the quiet, everyday moments in between), we get to learn more about each member of the superhero team, some of which may be similar to the famed heroes of teams like the Justice League, the Avengers, and the X-Men; however, Owens successfully steeps his characters within the bovine-centric world, allowing any passing resemblance to other superheroes to be a thing of the past.  Owens' world feels fully lived in, allowing the reader to dig deep to excitedly scour every inch of the world for character development and action.

Alaminos' work on Issue #1 has the characters bounding off the page.  His panel layout seamlessly guides the reader through each panel, building excitement and tension with each passing battle.  Likewise, his color work is bright and dynamic, lending itself to the all-ages demographic that is being targeted by the series.

I will note that while the preview issue of The Bovine League fully embraced the all-ages label, Issue #1 does lean towards an older crowd in its content and character dynamics.  In this issue, the members of the Bovine League frequent bars, balance dates with multiple women in the same night, and drink and drive.  I would encourage parents to give a read to the issue first to determine if it is would be age appropriate for their comic-loving kiddos. 

I would highly encourage readers to check out The Bovine League #1 from Hiro Unlimited.  It's rare for indie comic book publishers to tackle such sprawling superhero tales nowadays, but Owens admirably and eagerly dives head first into this original superhero story, providing a unique and exciting series that will undoubtedly capture the interest of readers of all ages.

Creative Team:  Andrew Owens (creator/writer), Christian Alaminos (artist/letterer), Alexander Lugo (production art), Holly Glasen (editor)
Publisher:  Hiro Unlimited
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