'Hellboy and the B.P.R.D: Her Fatal Hour and the Sending’ - Advance Comic Book Review

One week after being graced with a new Hellboy story, we are once again gifted with two new stories in one book. For anyone who goes back to read my reviews from the last couple of years, you’ll see that I adore the big red boy from hell. I have a little monument on my wall with his Funko Pop, his red fist as a coin holder, and the special edition Dark Horse select Hellboy, so any time I’m given the opportunity to indulge in a Hellboy story, I take it!

I rarely like giving away the stories for these one-shots, as they are so short and part of the joy is in discovering what Hellboy is up against as you’re reading it. Suffice it to say that these are two really fun journeys. Hellboy handles each in his matter-of-fact way to great effect, throwing away lines and punches.

It got me to thinking about the sort of archetype in the superhero world that Hellboy mirrors: the muscle, the brute. Like The Thing or Hulk, he uses his brawn to do a lot of the talking. It’s not that he isn’t smart or can’t figure something out, but if he can, that’s rather how he’d solve something, which makes his story arc in the main Hellboy series that much more invigorating; he’s really having to act outside of the box. That’s where the B.P.R.D. can come in handy. They have different skill sets, and it allows for a buffet of different types of characters for creator Mike Mignola to chose from to complement Hellboy. We see a little of that in this story and a debt that has to be paid.

What I love about these little adventures is how Mignola is able to give us a full story that lives beyond the pages of the book itself. He really does love this world, and I love it all the more for that.

Plus, we have some remarkable talents joining him again, giving us some incredible imagery. I love that every artist that he brings in never deviates from how skeletons and ghosts look in the Hellboy world, just like Hellboy never changes his precise interactions with them. It’s a constant that I can return to for as long as I’m around.

Creative Team: Mike Mignola (story), Tiernen Trevallion (art), Dave Stewart (colors), Clem Robins (letters), Kath O’Brien (editor), Jeny Blenk (Assistant Editor), Patrick Satterfield (designer), Ann Gray (digital art technician)
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
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