‘Colonel Weird: Cosmagog #2’ - Advance Comic Book Review

Unlike Barbalien #1 which is the other Black Hammer universe comic just released, Colonel Weird: Cosmagog may play better to people that have followed the main storyline. There are universal elements to the story, such as feeling lost and alone, but those elements aren’t the driving force behind the story of Colonel Weird. As we jump through his past as a bullied child, then as a space explorer in a sort of super fun, 1950s sci-fi way, and then as the scraggly bearded man who is losing his mind to all time and space, his main goal is to remember something he’s forgotten. My guess is that that something will connect back with the main storyline, as a big piece of this puzzle seems to be when Anti-God attacked the Earth, and before our heroes were sent to an old farm to live our their lives.

There’s always been a meta element to the Black Hammer universe, because it is about stories. Who we are is a story, and when we’ve forgotten our own story, how do we know who we are? That is what Weird is struggling with right now. And who better to go on that struggle with him than Tyler Crook, the artist on this series.

Bluntly, if this wasn’t a story about Weird and if it wasn’t connected to the Black Hammer world, I may not be as drawn to it, even though this is my kind of story. Or, maybe my saying that is simply a reaction to this second issue which doesn’t really make a lot of headway, except for giving us moments from Weird’s past that we haven’t otherwise known. Maybe those puzzle pieces will all fit together at the end and make a pretty big revelation. I trust Lemire that they will.

What is really elevating this series to another level is Crook’s art. His imagery makes me nostalgic for times I wasn’t even alive. The golden glow of the outdoors as a child during the '40s all the way to the weird, multidimensional worlds Weird travels through, to the hell on Spiral City landscape as Anti-God attacks, this is a breathtaking series to look at.

If you love heady, thoughtful sci-fi like I do, this is right up your alley. It’s soft and introspective even when the world is going to hell.

Creative Team: Jeff Lemire (writer), Tyler Crook (art and letters), Daniel Chabon (editor), Chuck Howitt (Assistant Editor), Ethan Kimberling (designer), Josie Christensen (digital art technician)
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
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