‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer #19:’ Advance Comic Book Review

Previously, on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. So… things are getting kind of dire. Xander still has Jenny Calendar captive, forcing her to work on some kind of spell for him. The good news is that, at least on a personal front, it looks like things are going well between Buffy and Robin, and it looks like Kendra and Rose have hit it off, too. Oh, and Willow is back, seemingly entirely well adjusted.

Perhaps astral projection without a knowledgeable chaperone is up there with some of the worst ideas ever. It’s only a bit behind wrestling a hippopotamus. Maybe one death wish short of a kickboxing match with a kangaroo. Anyways, it’s a hard lesson that Willow learns, athough I’m not quite sure if she took away the same lesson I would have. While Xander’s plan is still shrouded in mystery, Willow glimpses a new development that may finally cast some light on this whole Ring of Fire deal. A familiar face shows up to help save the day. (Or make things worse?)

This isn’t an action-packed issue, and despite my earlier apprehension about how slow the first bit of this arc has been, it’s actually a great, character-driven issue. Jordie Bellaire and Jeremy Lambert really nail the character moments in this issue. At the heart of it all, these moments remind us of just why the Buffyverse matters but also why #StoriesMatter. When executed well, these stories remind us of why our chosen families matter so much; they show us how much stock we put into the community that we build around ourselves.

There are some really nice art moments in this issue. Ramon Bachs' and Raúl Angulo’s work plays off each other well, with standouts being the scenes between Xander and Willow and a particularly tender moment between Rose and Kendra. As always, Ed Dukeshire’s lettering makes the book a joy to read, keeping things intuitive with the occasional surprise.   

Overall, with new faces and revelations showing up, answers can’t come soon enough.  

Creative Team: Jordie Bellaire and Jeremy Lambert (writers), Ramon Bachs (artist), Raúl Angulo (colorist), Ed Dukeshire (letterer)
Publisher: BOOM! Studios
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