‘Lumberjanes: Campfire Songs’ - Trade Paperback Review

The girls are back, and there’s gonna be trouble! Trouble and adventures with a dash of fantasy, the way only Lumberjanes can. I really enjoyed this book immensely. I remember when the first issue of the original Lumberjanes' run landed at the local comic book shop. I picked it up, read it, and ran home to share it with my roommate immediately, because she was 100% Mal and I was 100% April, even down to our haircuts. Part of the genius of Lumberjanes is that you feel like you know the characters. They remind you of people you know, and sometimes even you.

Campfire Songs is a fun collection of short stories all about our favorite camp goers. We get a lot of fun with my favorite couple, Mal and Molly, and my two favorite characters, April and Ripley. I am writing this right on the heels of the Supreme Court ruling that the rights of LGTBQ Americans are protected from workplace discrimination which made my heart so happy as I read this title about a group of strong young women, some of which are LGTBQ. As I said, many of them remind me of friends and family I know, people who are now safer and closer to equality because of this ruling. One reason I have always felt that the Lumberjanes series is so important is it depicts young women of every shape, size, color, and kind.

In this collection of shorts, not to give too much away, we get not just get subtle pop-culture references, but Shakespeare and more. If you want some punny moments, fantasy, and wit with a group of unique young women, get into Lumberjanes.

Creative Team: Nicole Andelfinger & Various (writer), Maddi Gonzalez and Alexa Bosy (artists), Kris Anka (cover artist)
Publisher:  BOOM! Studios
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