‘SFSX (Safe Sex) #3:’ Advance Comic Book Review

Despite its name, Safe Sex (SFSX) is not a series for the faint of heart, and while it has connections to other media, it stands all on its own. Described (by me, to others) as The Handmaid's Tale but for the misunderstood members of the kink and queer communities, SFSX is an opus of sex-positive and queer-focused storytelling, with an added theme of standing up against the tyranny that attempts to starve you of your freedoms and tamp down any urges that are viewed as unseemly.

Noted kink writer Tina Horn has crafted a very interesting story, especially with the focus on the Dirty Mind, a former kink club that has been reformed as both a place for unrestricted freedom and expression, as well as a headquarters for a resistance to “The Party,” the U.S. government agency that keeps all citizens in check in terms of living out their pleasures.

While the series originally started with the wonderful Mike Downling on art, this issue sees a pop-in guest artist in Alejandra Gutierrez. While it is a vastly different art style, there is a charm to the style that Gutierrez brings to the issue. It feels like work being poured directly from the heart of the artist onto the page, bringing a beautiful realism to a style that may otherwise be viewed as cartoonish.

This series' reach might be a bit more narrow than most. It's not a space odyssey or a post-apocalyptic zombie horror. SFSX is a dystopian sexual nightmare turned message of freedom and empowerment for a marginalized community that needs it and is very deserving of it.

If there is one aspect of this series that I truly love, it is how incredibly important it is to the current state of affairs in the world. Horn has taken a role in allowing members of the LQBTQIA+ community, as well as any others not fitting into that kind of categorization, to feel heard about the ways they feel and the ways they want to live. This series, even with its plots of restriction and punishment for being who you are, promotes the importance of marginalized communities feeling safe expressing themselves, being who they truly are, and not being ashamed of it. While I may not be a member of these communities, I am very happy to have a series like SFSX that promotes these messages.

SFSX is an empowering series and one that I think many people need to read - not only because it's a beautiful comic book with an interesting story, but because of what that story is and what it could represent to so many.

Creative Team: Tina Horn (writer), Alejandra Gutierrez (artist), Steve Wands (letters)
Publisher: Image Comics
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