‘Going to the Chapel #1:’ Advance Comic Book Review

David Pepose has a talent for combining the best aspects of nostalgic entertainment. His new series, Going to the Chapel, combines the action/adventure elements of Die Hard with that of a classic rom-com. Readers are introduced to the bride, Emily, who is unsure about her perfect soon-to-be beloved, and her rich family who are about to be robbed by a handsome stranger and his gang of Elvis-masked cohorts. And, there’s about to be a very big (and probably awesome) firefight with the sheriff.

Pepose’s previous Spencer and Locke series combined the amazing aspects of Sin City and Calvin and Hobbes while examining coping mechanisms birthed from tragedy, all while telling an exciting detective story. There’s something special about his ability to look at the heartwarming and nostalgic content we enjoy and twist them into something new and exciting. It’s the satirizing of beloved classics in a way that is both serious and silly that creates the wonderful stories we get to see, and Going to the Chapel is no different. The groundwork for what’s gong to happen is there in the nostalgia. We know there’s going to be a standoff with hostages much like Die Hard. We know that there will be a funny will-they-or-won’t-they scenario between Emily and that handsome stranger, and maybe even a love triangle involving those two and her fiancée.

The best way to read this issue is thinking of it like a prologue. I don’t doubt that this series will turn into a fantastic and bloody affair, and this issue is serving to set up the groundwork.

The dialogue is on point, the artwork is crisp and unique, and the cliffhanger at the end of the issue leaves you wanting more. Essentially, this is a teaser for something explosive, and I honestly cannot wait. Any comic book series written by Pepose is worth adding to your pull list.

Creative Team: David Pepose (writer), Gavin Guidry (art), Liz Kramer (colors), Ariana Maher with Colin Bell (letters),
Publisher: Action Lab: Danger Zone
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