Fanboy Comics Interviews Kristopher White and Jason Enright from Golden Apple Productions’ Indiegogo Campaign

The following is an interview with Kristopher White (The Thirty Six, Father Robot) and Jason Enright (WE Comics, Jimmy Brass: Second Grade Detective, Triage), two of the creators involved in the Indiegogo campaign for Golden Apple Productions. In this interview, the creators chat with Fanboy Comics about their respective comic book properties, the goals of the Indiegogo campaign, and how you can support these and other independent creators through an Indiegogo donation.

This interview was conducted on August 13, 2013.


Fanboy Comics: What is the Golden Apple Productions Indiegogo campaign all about, and for what are you raising the money?

Kristopher White: Basically, Golden Apple is interested in starting a new creator-owned comic label to help get new and interesting works out to the market. There's a lot of great indie content out there being created. Unfortunately, getting it seen by people is always the most difficult step. These guys want to use their clout as one of Los Angeles' premiere comic shops to help make that happen. The Indiegogo campaign is about raising that initial funding to get the label off the ground. For me personally, I'm working with them to help produce more books for my series, The Thirty Six. I'm genuinely excited to be in on the ground floor for this venture. Plus, the other books they're working on producing (like the family-friendly Jimmy Brass) are just great reads. It's an honor to be part of that crowd.

Jason Enright: Well, Kristopher covered it pretty well. The Indiegogo campaign is going to help us make more Jimmy Brass and Triage and get those books out to more people. The reach of just one independent creator is small, but when we all work together like this and have the backing of a well known comic store like Golden Apple, then we can reach a whole lot more readers.

FBC: What can fans expect when you raise the funds?

JE: Well, we created this mystery book, Triage, but need some funds to tell the rest of story. Issue one is done but this allow us to make and distribute issues two through five. We've also been releasing issues of our all-ages series, Jimmy Brass: Second Grade Detective online. This will help us print issues one through three and make future issues.

KW: For The Thirty Six, we have scripts ready to go for Volume Two and beyond. Once Golden Apple is funded, we'll be able to get a few of those stories into production. We'll also use part of the funding to create pitch packets and trailers for the existing work to help get it out there to more people.

FBC: Why is Indiegogo a great option for small press publishers?

KW: Indiegogo and other sites like it have really opened up the floodgates for creator-owned content. It allows creators to go directly to the fans with their product and build grassroots support. Even with that tool though, there are still a lot of avenues which are closed to small press publishers. The biggest hurdle is just visibility and distribution. The beauty of Golden Apple doing a venture like this is that we, as indie creators, can band together and achieve more than if we went it alone. Plus, Golden Apple already has a lot of the relationships in place that small press guys like myself could really benefit from.

JE: Kristopher really nailed it on the head. Indiegogo gives creators like us a platform to tell comic fans about our books and see if they want to buy them. Golden Apple will give us the voice we need to tell people about our books and get them into people's hands. We just need your help to get started.

FBC: Why should people pledge? What kind of rewards can they expect?

JE: For a $15 pledge, you get digital copies of Jimmy Brass, Triage, Telikos Protocol, and The Thirty Six. How cool is that? You can try out four new indie comics and help support us making more. If you pledge more, you get even more cool stuff. You can get physical copies of the books, t-shirts, and a Golden Apple shopping spree. There is tons of cool stuff, and you get to know that you've helped us make some really unique new comics.

KW: Agreed. I might just have to nab that shopping spree myself.

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