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Wonder Woman Wednesday (170)

Readers of Wonder Woman Wednesday and Wonder Woman should be quite familiar with the name Nicola Scott.  Nicola is the Australian artist who just finished a successful relaunch, co-manning the artist duties with fellow veteran Liam Sharp alongside writer Greg Rucka. (Liam will continue his contribution to Wonder Woman: Rebirth for the foreseeable future, as I understand.)

Could you imagine a world without Wonder Woman? Zeus forbid, of course, but really. What would it be like if Wonder Woman had never been created?

The Cartoon Network has given us many cool cartoons starring DC characters, including Teen Titans Go! and Beware the Batman, among others. They're at it again with the much anticipated release of the Justice League Action animated series. Heavy on action and sleek on design (led by lead animator Shane Glines), JLA delivers an entertaining, action-filled superhero epic worthy of the large screen. The audience seems a little more all-ages, but there is an underlying humor that I think all could appreciate.

Not too long ago, we gave you the first part of the Top Ten Wonder Woman Artists. After a brief respite, we now give you the top 5 Wonder Woman artists.

Greetings, Wonder Warriors! Not too long ago here at Wonder Woman Wednesday, we told you about DC's epic, digital-first crossover event between Wonder Woman '77 and Batman '66. We now have the first two installments under our utility belt. Co-writers Marc Andreyko and Jeff Parker offer a unique take on the first meeting of the Amazon Princess and the playboy millionaire Batman.

Greetings, fellow Amazons! Wonder Woman's Gala 75th Anniversary Celebration continues in grandiose fashion in the form of an unprecedented six-issue company crossover between DC Comics and Dynamite Entertainment, featuring a meeting between Wonder Woman and Bionic Woman as portrayed by iconic actresses Lynda Carter and Lindsay Wagner. (In a bit of irony, real-life friend of Hillary Clinton Lynda Carter is currently playing the President of the United States in a recurring role on the CW's popular Supergirl series.)

Comic books are a visual medium. I believe it was the art that first drew me to comics. I used to love all of the colorful art in the magical stacks of comic books my brother would buy from the Linda Burke down the street. It wasn't long before I was drawing my own little pictures of little superheroes with ball point pens and scratch paper from little white pads my dad would bring home from work.

Hopefully, by the time you read this, a small semblance of sanity has returned to our great nation and a great woman and candidate is in line to be next and first female President of the United States. It's been a long time coming, if you ask me. A woman would make a great president, BECAUSE she's a woman.

I can't remember if my introduction to Wonder Woman came by way of the Lynda Carter live-action series or the character's participation in The Super Friend's Saturday morning Hannah-Barbera television cartoon that ran off and on in various incarnations from 1973 to 1986. I usually give credit to Lynda, as she did steal my young heart with her beauty and kindness - a real-life Wonder Woman, indeed. Not to mention it was easier to stay up for her show than getting up so early on Saturday morning! That's not to say the Wonder Woman incarnation that graced the small screen in the Super Friends series was anything to shake a golden lasso at.

Here we go! (Again.)

Wonder Woman was appointed an honorary UN Ambassador of the empowerment of woman and girls. Lynda Carter was there. Gal Gadot was there. The ceremony was held on October 21 to coincide with the 75th Anniversary of the Amazing Amazon. They ate cake and took pictures... Great! Or maybe not.

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