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art-of-perez MTBy Michael Fitzgerald Troy


I have had the privilege to take art classes at one of the finest museums in the country, and if you asked me who my favorite artist is, I would unhesitatingly say George Perez every time and explain that, yes indeed, he does draw funny books.

SagaBy Michael Fitzgerald Troy


It's been a long time since you've been around. It's been a long time since you've been in town. Brian K. Vaughan is my absolute favorite comics writer. I would read the ingredients of dairy products if BKV wrote them. (Golly, maybe I should read the ingredients of dairy products!)

Fashion Faker MTBy Michael Fitzgerald Troy


Once upon a time, Jessica Simpson and Nicole Richie were tabloid cover darlings, notoriously gracing the gossip pages. Nicole for her thinness and Jessica for...for...well, whatever in the hell she was on the covers for. Now, they are two of the "mentors" on NBC's 5-years-later answer to Project Runway.

Elle McPhereson is Heidi Kluhm, except you can understand her. Nicole Richie is Nina Garcia, except she's funny. John Varvatos is NOT Michael Kors. And, Jessica Simpson is, oh...sweet, simple Jessica Simpson. Competitors pitch their looks to retailers Macy's, H & M, and Saks Fifth Avenue; if they are made an offer, they are saved from elimination and their looks are available online the next day. A fun concept, dare I admit.

Kirstie Alley GCB MTBy Michael Fitzgerald Troy

This week sees the airing of ABC's Desperate replacement, GCB, where Real Housewives meets Dallas in this over-the-top, campy dramedy. It's good. It's not great. I like it. I don't love it. It shows great potential with good talent, acting, writing, and concept. I do feel a little duped, as I was initially just filling the void left by Pan Am's emergency landing. But, I'm not made out of gold lamé. I was willing to give these Southern Drag Queens a chance.

Silent HouseBy Michael Fitzgerald Troy

First, let it be said that I absolutely love horror movies and will watch any of them regardless of how good or bad they may be. Although, the current trend of horror movies is usually bad, I am terrified to say. Is it really that hard to scare any more? Startling someone sitting in their car by banging on their window isn't exactly the stuff of nightmares. Give me something that will keep me awake for a week for the love of The Exorcist!

Julie Newmar MTBy Michael Fitzgerald Troy

Bluewater Productions' latest female comic leader is one of Batman's: Catwomen in The Secret Lives of Julie Newmar written by Marc Shapiro. Lives portrays Newmar as a time traveler on adventures that coincide with significant points in her life. Love the concept and love the preview I have seen. A spinoff of the popular Misadventures of Adam West, and definitely worth checking out.


GCB MTBy Michael Fitzgerald Troy

Is GCB (Good Christian Belles) ABC's Desperate replacement or Pan Am's grounded flight schedule filler? Neither. The new ABC dramedy actually stands quite well on its own.

Based on the book Good Christian Bitches by Kim Gatlin, this mid-season replacement may be a keeper. It certainly has the mixed appeal of watching the over privileged be awful to one another and plastic beauty for sure. I was a little turned off by the Southern angle at first, as I usually don't go down Jethro Lane, but it's hard to resist an ad campaign with a cute blonde in blue and a pink background. I associate crosses more with Madonna than Jesus, so I wasn't immediately turned off by the religious angles as I anticipated a high dosage of hypocrisy, and who in the hell doesn't love that?

Supergirl MTBy Michael Fitzgerald Troy

I want to say my introduction to Supergirl was an old back issue with her on the cover, psychotically punching off the head of her own statue, maybe a Superman Family Digest or something. I don't know, look it up. A cute, blue-eyed blonde that flew around in a skirt and was prone to bipolar rages? Sign me up!

Then, we had the big screen version of Superman's long-lost cousin in Supergirl, the titular role filled by not-so-super-exciting Helen Slater. The real stars of that movie were Faye Dunaway, as the over-the-top villainess Selena and her henchwoman, Bianca, played by the hilarious Brenda Vacarro. Maybe not the greatest movie, but a camp lover's dream come true for sure. At any rate, that movie did so well that they killed poor Kara Zor-El off in comic book land.

Batgirl Gone Wild

Batgirl MTBy Michael Fitzgerald Troy



I first fell in love with Batgirl when she made guest appearances on the Batman TV show from the '60s. (Reruns! I'm not THAT old, bitches!) Yvonne Craig perfectly filled that glittery Batsuit, and I always prayed Batgirl would be on at least one of the back-to-back episodes they would re-air thrice a week.

I demanded my parents get me a Mega Batgirl doll. (Barbies weren't acceptable toys for boys, yet - luckily - super hero dolls were fair game.). I, of course, redressed my Batgirl doll, pierced her ears with thumb tacks, and changed her identity to an adopted child named Wendy that was susceptible to frequent demonic possession. Effed up, yet hilarious!

This Means War

This Means War MTBy Michael Fitzgerald Troy



This Means War? Apparently, Abundance of Beautiful, Blue-Eyed Blondes wasn't in the title pool.

It's always good to see my favorite actress, Reese Witherspoon, on the big screen. Despite her Type A personality, she always picks atypical roles, and This Means War is no exception. Even if it's not Legally Blonde: Part 5, I still liked it. One of the highlights of my life was when one of my friends said he was watching a Reese Witherspoon movie, and he thought to himself, "OMG! That's Mike Troy!" I totally could play her gay brother, btw!

Though sometimes not a fan of randomly mixed genre (Espionage/Romantic comedy in this case), I think it worked well in this case. Director McG can do it, if no one can.

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