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HERATIC MTBy Michael Fitzgerald Troy

Amongst DC's hit or miss on enjoyment/quality level of its random 52 pick up, Brian Azzarello and Cliff Chiang's take on Wonder Woman really is (Athena, forgive the holiday appropriate pun!) the gift that keeps on giving!

Spoilers, bitches!

By Michael Fitzgerald Troy


"With great power comes great responsibility." "I'm the best there is at what I do, and what I do isn't very nice." Those are the tag lines of the two most popular characters in Marvel Comics. So popular, in fact, that Marvel has completely cashed in and put the characters in as many books as possible. Wolverine is mostly associated with the X-men and Spidey was mostly a loner in the past. In a "Why not?" move, both characters are currently members of the popular team of heroes, The Avengers. Burning up the silver screen as Wolverine, Hugh Jackman reinvented Wolverine as a heart throb so smolderingly sexy, it may have the straightest of fanboys questioning which team THEY are on. Tobey Maguire did a dandy job in the first two Spidey flicks, so we won't hold him responsible for the debacle of Spider-Man 3. (Don't get me started!)

By Michael Fitzgerald Troy


All right, stop! Collaborate and listen. Ice is back with a brand new invention. Something grabs a hold of me tightly.

Will it ever stop? Yo, I don't know. Turn off the lights and I'll glow. To the extreme, I rock a mic like a vandal. Light up a stage and wax a chump like a candle.

- Vanilla Ice

Now, that song is gonna go through your head all day. Here's another one:

Oh, the weather outside is frightful! (Or as frightful as it gets in West Hollywood. I have better chances of getting struck by an ice queen than an ice storm!)

By Michael Fitzgerald Troy


I love a good Madonna/whore-thing-a-ma-bopper just as much as the next queen, but, for the life of me, I can't figure out why everyone is so up in arms over Pam Anderson playing Jesus' mama. It's not the first time someone sexy played a role more, um, virtuous?

By Michael Fitzgerald Troy


Hush, my darling, don't fear, my darling. The Lion sleeps tonight.

Lioness: Hidden Treasures is the last musical offering from Amy Winehouse, featuring a collection of recordings from her tragically short singing career.

Amy was one of those singers that evoked sirens, if they existed. You can always hear every ounce of emotion in her soulful voice. An odd, if not imagined, observation is the void, the emptiness, and the pain in her voice, seemingly channeled by a force bigger than her.

By Michael Fitzgerald Troy


There are comic book characters that are created with a lot of potential and languish on the proverbial vine until a creative person is smart enough to pluck said character and either elevate them or maximize their full potential. The X-men's Emma Frost is a perfect example of one of those characters.

The White Queen was created by legendary X-creators Chris Claremont and John Byrne as Sebastian Shaw's right-hand man of the nefarious Hellfire Club, debuting in Uncanny X-Men #129. Originally British, Claremont named her after Emma Peel from the UK television series, The Avengers. (Or, maybe it was Byrne; those two notorious cat fighters would certainly correct me, I'm sure.) She has since been remanded to being the daughter of a dysfunctional family from New England. Perhaps, she affects a fake British accent like my other favorite bleached blonde? (One can only hope!)

By Michael Fitzgerald Troy


Why are there so many songs about rainbows? How the hell should I know? But, I surely am glad that there are. I'm not just saying that because rainbows are the symbol of gay pride. (How original, girlfriends!) As a card-carrying member, I would have opted for a glass slipper. Make that a glass stiletto to satiate my hooker heritage.

Some kids have Disney, some kids have Teletubbies, and most kids have behavioral problems. I had The Muppets. Not Sesame Street. Not Fraggle Rock. Just The Muppets. When I was little, I worshiped The Muppets. I had all the toys, had a Muppets bday cake, and even had my babysitter, Patsy, make me a bitchin' Muppets poster that I wish I still had to this day. But, I grew up and The Muppets went away. "The Rainbow Connection" disrupted - never severed.

By Michael Fitzgerald Troy


You gotta love J-Lo. You do? Yes, you do. What's not to love? She's gorgeous, with a banging body after birthing twins (Yes, I said twins!), she's an accomplished actress and singer (I double-dog dare you not to cut a rug to her infectious monster hit, "On the Dance Floor," with Pitbull!). She's a successful businesswoman, a fun judge on American Idol, and she's been linked to some of the hottest men in Hollywood. Sure, her love life has had its fair share of ups and downs, but what deserving diva hasn't? Liz Taylor anyone? But, I'm feeling so good, why dwell on the negative? Okay, so, maybe if I were the jealous type, I wouldn't like La Lopez so much, but I'm a gay man and I adore Jennifer Lopez! (It's part of my contract. She only headlined at White Party in Palm Springs a few years back for the love of Pete!) And, she is still Jenny from the block, after all.

By Michael Fitzgerald Troy


BIC of the Spider-Woman. Jessica Drew taught me how to draw. Sort of, but not really. I have loved Spider-Woman since her Saturday morning cartoon. That's right, kiddies, before she kicked it with the Avengers, Spider-Woman had a Saturday morning cartoon/marketing tool. But, it really blew my mind! From her infamous mane of gorgeous, raven hair to her mesmerizingly red, skin tight outfit, watching Jessica Drew solve crimes sure beat the crap out of putting up with that old wind bag Jessica Fletcher over on Murder, She Wrote.

Killer Abs

By Michael Fitzgerald Troy


Isn't it weird that some serial killers are hot? I realize that statement could put me on a "most wanted" list, but hear me out.

Haven't you ever seen American Psycho? You could bounce a Ginsu knife off of Christian Bale's washboards. Sure, he's got a funny nose, a terrible Batman voice, and a penchant for being a butt smack on the set, but anyone who can wield a chainsaw in the raw is okay in my book.

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